Architecture Awards 2020

62 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20390 Best Architecture & Development Consultancy Firm - East Midlands he world is in a near constant state of change. As the world continues to change, its architectural needs are changing at the same time. R3Design is on hand to ensure that the East Midlands is ready to face the worldly changes by taking on a variety of projects that are diverse in size, shape, and client. For every unique project that comes its way, R3Design puts together the perfect team whose skills are best suited for the project needs. As it tackles the project, the firm also aims to ensure that every question is answered, every possibility considered, and every desire is met. Across both the residential and commercial sectors, R3Design is proud to have gained a well-respected reputation for the quality of its works. That reputation has fed into the firm gaining reputable contacts within the construction sector, and therefore increasing the service offering that the firm can do. Across its vast service offering, R3Design provides a veritable wealth of expertise and experience which includes design and development concepts, planning and building control submissions, principle and lead consultants, project management, and certification of works. The levels of service that are provided never fall below a certain level, and are always catered to suit client or project requirements whilst ensuring excellence at all times. Where R3Design specialises is in covering bespoke developments within the residential and commercial sector as client’s requirements and expectations continue to increase. Growing in the industry and in reputation can largely be attributed to the firm’s strong understanding of construction methods, and these are used to assist clients through the whole process, from initial concept through to completion of the build, if required. Each of the designs and developments is engineered to make a positive contribution to the built environments of the East Midlands. In making a positive contribution through hard work, determination, and total commitment, R3Design has won a number of awards in recent years, and this latest one is just another feather in its already well-decorated cap. Yet, that is no cause for rest. Not content to rest on its laurels and be happy with the success that has already been earned, R3Design aims to undertake T all of its projects to such a high standard, especially those still to come. Client’s expectations increase year on year, and the firm is pleased that it is able to assist them with achieving their own intended goals. Looking to the future, R3Design is keen to continue the excellence that has gone before whilst expanding into new sectors in order to better support a wider range of clients. Ultimately, R3Design has achieved incredible success over the last few years, and its commitment to the future success of its clients is just another way in which the firm continues to stand out from the competition. Company: R3Design Developments Ltd Contact: Mr. S. Raju Phone: 0116 216 5175 Web Address: Address: The Glasshouse, 9 Hallam Close, Littlethorpe, Leicestershire, LE19 2LA, UK Founded and formed in 2011, R3Design Developments Ltd operates with the mindset that every problem has a solution that is just waiting to be discovered. As the Best Architecture & Development Consultancy Firm in the East Midlands, R3Design can find the most suitable and superb architectural solutions that stand out wherever they are found. We find out more about the firm and its remarkable success in its industry.