Architecture Awards 2020

61 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20099 Leading Expert in Invisible Architecture & Speculative Housing 2020 For many years, Rex Hawkesworth has been one of the leading experts in two of the most niche, but outstanding forms of architecture and construction for buildings of all types. The two in question are invisible architecture and speculative housing, both of which are on the rise and can offer something different to any space in which they are found. With Mr Hawkesworth’s expertise, these styles and forms become clear, and can be easily integrated into society today. rchitecture and construction has taken many different forms through history, from the majesty of the Egyptian pyramids, to the towering skyscrapers of the modern era. However, the world has changed drastically throughout time, with the development of new cities, larger cities, and greater necessity for architecture that blends with the environment. This kind of architecture is known as invisible architecture, and is just one of the areas in which Mr Rex Hawkesworth specialises. Few understand the nuances of invisible architecture, and fewer still have the expertise that Rex Hawkesworth has. As climate change and a variety of other factors continue to affect the world we live in, that expertise is undoubtedly becoming more and more valuable with every passing day. The imposing shadow of climate change is one that society can no longer afford to ignore, and its reality has given rise to greater awareness that architecture can play a vital role in caring for the planet. Architects everywhere have leapt into action, designing and creating new structures that are sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and energy-saving. The outward-facing design of these buildings aim for complete integration with a landscape, reducing visual pollution to the minimum possible level, whilst maximising a building’s functionality becomes a priority. Bringing these things together results in workspaces that stir employees creativity and production through inspiring design, or residential spaces that resonate with nature. That is at the heart of invisible architecture, and at the heart of what Mr Hawkesworth specialises in with his expertise. On the other hand is Mr Hawkesworth’s expertise in the world of speculative housing, an approach to architecture where the design relies solely on providing a product that will attract potential buyers. Speculative housing differs from building a custom home in a myriad of ways. Firstly, a custom home is often built based on the client’s desires, wants, and needs. However, producing a speculative housing product relies on the designer already having an idea in their mind about what a potential buyer might look for in a property. In the world today, home buyers are more knowledgeable than they have ever been about their demands for a home. Speculative housing requires no small amount of knowledge and expertise, and Mr Hawkesworth can provide it. A Having refined his expertise and experience over a number of years working in the architecture and construction industries, Mr Rex Hawkesworth will no doubt continue to play a crucial role as invisible architecture and speculative housing become more commonplace. Wherever the industry goes, Mr Hawkesworth and his knowledge will be at the forefront of whatever comes next. Contact: Rex Hawkesworth Phone: 023 9266 2330 ‘unravelling new designs, playing-out names, a new-born style awaits to be seen’ Bungalow, Bedhampton, Hants. Bungalow, Emsworth, Hants. Semi-detached. Houses, Portsmouth, Hants. The backs to not match the fronts except in materials, mainly because the fronts were designed to fit already established elavations. The rears however have privacy with no restrictions, whereas the fronts show restraint to match adjoining buildings in terms of appearance.