Architecture Awards 2020

60 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20275 Washroom Facilities Designer of the Year 2020 – Europe: Fashion Toilet SRL hile bathroom facilities may be unlikely to steal the show at a glamorous, large-scale event, they can still be memorable. This has been proved true by Fashion Toilet SRL, who provide luxury bathroom facilities for venues and events throughout Italy, and is expanding its horizons to neighboring countries, such as France and Switzerland. Offering exceptional prefabricated portable toilets principally for events, but also as more permanent features on golf courses or by swimming pools, this ambitious firm is establishing itself as a leading provider of portable bathroom facilities. For a long time, the luxury events industry suffered from the lack of appropriate toilet facilities on offer. Whilst hygiene was the priority, they also sought solutions that were in keeping with the high-class atmosphere of their events, so that the illusions of glamour and festivity would not be shattered by clinical and uninspiring bathrooms. Roberto Putorti, Founder of Fashion Toilet, saw this need and answered it, establishing his artisan company devoted to the design, production and distribution of prefabricated luxury bathrooms. Bursting with creativity and ideas for development, the Fashion Toilet team are frequently faced with the challenge of combining this inspiration with functionality. Utilising innovative technologies and new materials, Fashion Toilet are currently developing new ideas for future projects. These ideas are incorporated into the customised products also available to clients, to create bathrooms that suit the space, budget and aesthetics of every customer. The product of fine Italian craftsmanship and conscientious care and precision, a Fashion Toilet customer wants to show off his bathroom as much as his supercar! Being a young company consisting of a relatively small team is of no detriment to Fashion Toilet. Working with a few customers at a time, the team devotes full attention to providing excellence in service and design of each project. Having consistently collaborated with superior suppliers, event planners and clients, Fashion Toilet is a specialist in providing the perfect facilities for any occasion. With the events industry currently in a lull as a result of the global pandemic, business activity has slowed for Fashion Toilet. However, Putorti remains optimistic about the future, confident W that his loyal client base will continue to use his company’s service as soon as the industry is back up on its feet. Fashion Toilet take pride in their clients and guarantee that they will always perform at the highest level to satisfy their every need. Company: Fashion Toilet SRL Contact: Roberto Putorti Web Address: When planning a large event, there are a great deal of elements to think about; the food, the music, the guestlists, on and on and on. Top of every party planner’s list, even though it might not be the first thing people think of, is bathroom facilities. In Italy, the entertainment and hospitality industry turn to Fashion Toilet SRL as the bathroom provider of choice, thanks to their reputation for luxury facilities that extend the festive ambience of any event to the very toilet stalls!