Architecture Awards 2020

51 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20426 Best Contemporary Residential Renovations Practice - Portugal Some may see the work of an architect as to merely build something, but there is a veritable wealth of facets to architecture that must be considered when crafting a project. One firm that crucially understands the necessity to get all of these facets right is Portuguese contemporary residential renovations firm Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos. As we examine the foundations of the firm, we also uncover its secrets to success and how it has become an award-winning firm of the highest architectural calibre. rom the first day of business for Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos, the firm has been on a mission to develop architecture for clients that is truly reflective of them and respecting of their demands. Each piece of architecture completed by the firm is a blend of simplistic form worked as dynamically as possible, raw materials, powerful use of colour and shading, and a myriad of design techniques. However, chief amongst the promises and mission goals of the firm is the desire to develop architecture that adapts to the setting it is placed in through the character and atmosphere of each location. In each new project, there are always some characteristics that are more prevalent than others, and these can be affected by the nature of the architectural idea, or the place in which it is taking place, or the essence of the idea itself. Whatever may come, the team at Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos always strives to deliver the best possible service that is aesthetically and functionally brilliant. One of the firm’s most intriguing and interesting projects is known so perhaps not for it being particularly recent, but for its petite scale. As such, it made for a thought-provoking case study around the firm’s usage of both shape and colour. The size of the space in question was merely 1.2 meters by 2.4 meters, and there was a lot to pack into such a small space. As per the style and architectural nature of Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos, colour ended up playing a very important role in the creation of a dynamic space that would then be completed in exquisite fashion. Colour is a staple of the firm’s work, and it places great emphasis on the fact that colour has the power to humanize a shape when created by concrete. Le Corbusier himself, one of the pioneers of modern architecture, stated that it is necessary to use white in order to emphasize colour; a philosophy that Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos has mastered. In the world today, building a home is almost exclusively done by massive companies that build estates all in the same way using the same materials. Repeating this process so many times over and over can make it difficult for the houses to feel different to one another. For clients of Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos, they sometimes need convincing that a house can be built in many different ways. Chief amongst the differences that the firm has from its competitors is that it takes more time than many home builders. Architecture is not compatible with the speed and demand F of today, but Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos has found a way around this demand. Seeing as how houses must pass the immediate test of time and be adaptable enough to last as long as possible, the firm creates truly timeless pieces of residential architecture. The future of home building and creating a house means creating spaces that are unique and more than what today’s houses offer. Different spaces can accommodate uses such as increased privacy, more space to play with kids, a quiet area for reading, or a space that has been designed specifically for digital use. Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos takes the necessary time to work out these spaces as best it possibly can in a bid to create the homes of the future, and make them exceptionally well-designed in the process. Company: Andre Mesquita, Arquitectos Contact: Andre Mesquita Website: