Architecture Awards 2020

45 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20494 Best Interior Design & Finishings Firm - Oxfordshire For many, interior design services are inaccessible, unaffordable and unsuitable for small renovation projects. Over fifteen years of renovating, decorating and developing projects in London, Oxford and Surrey, Emma Finneron recognised the lack of simple ‘tap into’ services offering advice on design, layout, aesthetics and finishing touches. ByEmmaJaneInteriors seized the opportunity to fill the gap in the market. yEmmaJaneInteriors is unique in its approach to interior design services. While many of its competitors offer only largescale projects and unaffordable services for smaller projects, this Oxfordshire-based studio provides an innovative ‘tap in’ system that accommodates requests for projects of any size accessibly and cost-effectively. Easy to use and with prices starting at as little as £60ph, ByEmmaJaneInteriors offers a cost-effective, hourly block booking system, so that the team can devote the appropriate amount of time that is required to each project, whether it is a quick design advice consultation or a fully project managed refurbishment. Offering mood boards, walk throughs, suggested contacts, dressing commercial or residential homes for sale, decluttering, and even a free ‘Ask a Question’ feature on the website, this cooperative company is making the realisation of dream homes accessible to all. Renovation projects of any size can be stressful, but ByEmmaJaneInteriors is a vital and loyal helping hand. In order to reduce excess costs, the expert team at ByEmmaJaneInteriors revere preparation and organisation. This enables seamless movement between jobs to be as time- effective, and therefore as cost-effective, as possible. While flexibility is one of the firm’s defining attributes, it is only possible as a result of conscientious efforts and determination behind the scenes. It is this that has allowed Founder Emma Finneron’s innovative approach to interior design to take off. These attributes took on particular significance in the firm’s latest project; a refurbishment of a four-bed property just outside of central Oxford, which included knocking a main wall down to open up the living and dining area, a full repair, redecoration, electrical work, re-carpeting, repairing floors and banisters, changing colour schemes, as well as some landscaping and repair work in the garden. All in a timescale that was completely non-negotiable, of less than three weeks. This project was already challenging, but with the addition of Covid-19 that affected the usual run of business with restrictions and difficulties sourcing materials, whilst also operating in accordancewithin strict hygiene protocols, ByEmmaJaneInteriors truly had their hands full. However, trusting in their signature B preparation and organisation, the team was able to successfully overcome these hurdles, completing and presenting the project to the homeowner within the timescale. The client was delighted with the finished result, and her positive feedback included praise of Emma’s helpful, considerate and responsive service, her excellent project management skills as well as a strong recommendation for all those considering a home renovation project. ByEmmaJaneInteriors thrive on this kind of accolade and are looking forward to a long future ahead of them as they continue offering exceptional interior design services at affordable prices. With a fervent belief in the importance of accessibility and flexibility in design and renovation, ByEmmaJaneInteriors is helping to shatter the perception of interior design as an unattainable concept, making it a service to be used by anyone at any time. Company: ByEmmaJaneInteriors Contact: Emma Finneron Web Address: