Architecture Awards 2020

41 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20364 Best Contemporary Kitchen Designer & Retail Showroom 2020 – UK Espresso Design is an award-winning company specialising in contemporary furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and living spaces. Founded in 2005, the firm earned major kudos at London Design Week 2016, when it opened a flagship showroom in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour. Now, Andrew Hamilton Barr, Director of Espresso Design, tells us about fifteen years of excellence. ifteen years after its establishment, Espresso Design remains driven by the same objective; to deliver a truly customer focused approach to award-winning design. With showrooms in St John’s Hill, Wandsworth and Chelsea Harbour Design Centre, Espresso creates beautiful spaces for residential and commercial clients both within the UK and internationally. The Espresso team combine the latest technology and materials with stunning furniture ranges from leading European manufacturers to create unique interiors with a signature contemporary style. Experts in leading clients through the complex process of building and renovating, the team at Espresso draw on twenty-five years of practical experience working with clients, architects and interior designers to create beautiful spaces via hassle-free process. By maintaining strong relationships with leading Italian and UK manufacturers, Espresso is able to offer their clients the latest designs, finishes, technology and internal hardware. Accommodating projects of all shape and size, Espresso is able to provide bespoke solutions - whether it be for cutting edge contemporary interiors or more budget driven projects - that employ the latest materials and technology to fulfil the demands any client may have of their new kitchen, bedroom or living space. In 2019, Espresso completed almost two hundred contract interiors for developers, alongside more than sixty residential kitchens. Offering guarantees of exceptional customer service, it is no surprise that Espresso was the first choice for these projects. By remaining consistently open and communicative with clients throughout a project, Espresso is able to establish the right budget and keep clients informed of all cost decisions. F The award-winning team of designers are some of the best in the business, highly skilled and adept at using the latest technology and design software, whilst the installers are regularly praised for their craftsmanship, technical ability, attention to detail and enthusiasm. By investing heavily in project management, and providing detailed service plans to contracting teams and constantly monitoring onsite progress, Espresso is able to provide the highest standard of service and delivery. As a company, Espresso has continuously invested in its digitisation, making their database fully accessible online so that members of the team are able to operate remotely whenever necessary. This has been particularly useful in light of the recent pandemic, and as a result, business activity for Espresso has been consistent and positive. Designing in a virtual environment using the latest platforms and software, the team at Espresso are experts at making these environments an exact reality for clients. This practical experience places Espresso in an ideal position to function under the current requirements. Meetings and sharing work with clients is possible thanks to online meeting platforms, and Espresso’s showrooms have been digitally scanned to enable clients to take a full virtual tour from the comfort of their own home. This modern, technologically adept company is well suited for an optimistic future of continued development and growth. Company: Espresso Design Ltd Contact: Andrew Barr Web Address: