Architecture Awards 2020

37 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Aug20095 Great Spaces Start With Great Design Undertaking projects around the world, Ueberholz GmbH offers contemporary design for a range of commercial spaces including offices, brands, products and showrooms. We invited Nico Ueberholz to share an insight into the technique the company employs to ensure a successful outcome to every project. ffering a full-service solution, Ueberholz is able to take complete control of and responsibility for every project is undertakes, as Nico is keen to highlight in his opening comments. “Here at Ueberholz, we design exhibition booths, shops and showrooms through to company headquarters. We develop concepts for companies from logos, to complete brand management, brochures and designs. As part of this work, we design matching furniture and lighting so that everything is harmoniously combined into a total structure. “Thanks to this complete service offering, clients have only one point of contact, and feel supported throughout the entire process. Collaboration is at the heart of our work, and as such our team works closely with our clients to ensure that we understand their wishes and can translate these into an outcome they can be proud of.” O Operating in such a competitive market, the company has to work hard to set itself apart from its competitors. Nico believes it has achieved this thanks to its focus on innovation and creativity. “In our market today, there are many companies all vying for the same contracts and projects, and as such quality and innovation are key to ensuring that clients keep coming back for more and refer new clients to your business. At Ueberholz, we are proud that some of our clients have been in a working relationship with us for more than 36 years, a feat which many of competitors cannot boast.” Looking ahead, Nico plans to continue to enhance the success of Ueberholz for the benefit of both his team and his clients, as he proudly concludes. “Over the coming years our ongoing aim is to live and breathe design so that we can offer clients an exceptional level of service and solutions that will remain ahead of trends in the constantly evolving, fashion driven design space. Creativity and emotion will play a vital part in the future of our business, and myself and all my team look forward to putting these values to good use on a range of exciting new projects.” Ueberholz GmbH Address: Vorm Eichholz 2e, Wuppertal, 42119, Germany Website: Ueberholz space eventlocation in Wuppertal, Germany Architecture by Nico Ueberholz Ueberholz office in Wuppertal, Germany Architecture by Nico Ueberholz