Architecture Awards 2020

2020 Architecture Awards BUILD 19 with the company’s architects, interior designers, and skilled tradesmen to ensure delivery of the perfect property, as well as working closely with Development Manager Candice Bresler. The team at Cavendish Bespoke work tirelessly to deliver on the firm’s mission of taking a client’s imagination on a journey far beyond their own expectations every single day. Working closely alongside a private client is one of the most vital and important aspects to the creation of a home that is perfect in the client’s eyes. The firm’s design team will happily guide the client through the design process to make sure that every detail is considered and understood to its fullest extent. With the assistance procured by the various teams of architects, planning consultants, and interior designers, Cavendish Bespoke will work to create a series of detailed planning drawings and specifications for the client’s approval. From there, the entire team at Cavendish Bespoke will continue to work unwaveringly with the client throughout the remainder of the process to ensure that they are completely satisfied with every aspect of the design process. Once the client is fully happy and totally satisfied with the design drawings and specifications, Cavendish Bespoke then takes control of the submission of those drawings to the local planning authority, alongside all necessary reports and surveys required. In order to ensure that the client has a truly stress-free experience and can enjoy the process rather than worry about it, Cavendish Bespoke will also submit and manage the planning process on the client’s behalf to ensure the best outcome possible, but always keeping the client fully updated and involved. That commitment to excellence does not just extend to the pre-construction phase of the project from Cavendish Bespoke. Instead, the firm promises that it will not contract out the building of the client’s prestigious residence. There is a reason that the client has chosen to partner with Cavendish Bespoke, and that is not so that the firm can then hand off the building to another firm who may not share the emphasis on luxury that Cavendish Bespoke does. Using highly skilled and experienced teams who know what it is to build luxurious residences, the firm will personally oversee the delivery of the client’s dream home. Private clients are also kept constantly informed of progress on their dream home throughout the building process. Once construction has been completed, this dream home is handed over to the client by the Cavendish Bespoke team, and all details and intricacies of the property are demonstrated, showcased and explained, and the keys and final occupation is handed over to the client. However, this symbolic act does not mean that the service ends with Cavendish Bespoke. Should a client require the expertise of the team in some way outside of the office hours, or the construction time allotted for the building of the property, Cavendish Bespoke will always aim to be available. It is committed to ensuring that, following completion, the client continues to receive the best possible after-care service whereby any problems or concerns are dealt with both promptly and properly. Cavendish Bespoke also arranges for a member of staff to visit the property every six months for the next two years to carry out detailed inspections and ensure any snagging problems that might occur after completion are picked up and dealt with immediately to the client’s complete satisfaction. Cavendish Bespoke represents the ultimate in custom home design and build services. It understands every crucial element of the process and works tirelessly to ensure that the client never wants for anything more throughout the development. By the end, the client will receive not only their dream home, but the knowledge that Cavendish Bespoke is always willing and able to jump back into action and help where possible. As luxurious as it is superb, Cavendish Bespoke is undoubtedly one of the finest firms around, and it is fully deserving of every bit of past, present, and future success within the custom home design and build industry. Company: Cavendish Bespoke Contact: Candice Bresler Email: [email protected] Website: the products that are in the home, and the surfaces which are used as part of everyday life. Together, these skills and attributes that Cavendish Bespoke has are what makes the firm stand out from the competition. In addition, and often most importantly, Cavendish Bespoke has the ability to unlock exclusive and off-market plots that would be otherwise unavailable. The team at Cavendish Bespoke believe that the most crucial element, and often the hardest to achieve, is identifying and securing the dream plot on which to build the client’s dream home which allows the client much more choice in terms of location and area. Cavendish Bespoke identifies, negotiates, and secures residential land on behalf of its private clients. It is well known that all successful design and build projects start with the best address. As part of the exclusive process that Cavendish Bespoke has to offer, the client’s wealth is protected long-term by assessing planning and financial viability for the duration of the project. Propelling Cavendish Bespoke to the dizzying heights of success that it has reached in recent years is the leadership team of the firm, and they have made the decisions that have seen it become a force to be reckoned with in the luxury home build industry. Now navigating the highest echelons of property design are founding co-directors Phil Courtney and William Togher. Together, the pair have worked collaboratively and seamlessly