Architecture Awards 2020

120 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jun20309 Best Home Staging & Property Rehabilitation Practice – Lisbon & Best Contemporary Home Staging Renovation (Portugal): Belem, 9 and Bernardes, 23 ife happens, and that life can be so many different things for every single different person on the planet. When life happens, some things can fall by the wayside that are actually quite important, like making sure that the place in which a person is living is kept clean, tidy, and welcoming. Having a home space that is all of these things, as well as warm and inviting, can seriously improve the mood and wellbeing of the person, or people, that are living there. These are also the things that people look for when buying a new home, or try and achieve with their existing home when trying to sell up or lease out. That is where Portuguese firm LOFT . DESIGN comes into the picture. Since its establishment, the firm has carried out a large number of projects regarding the proper rehabilitation and renovation of various different interior spaces. The decoration and interior design work that LOFT . DESIGN carries are always considered an appreciation when it comes to the sale or lease of a property, especially with the home staging working wonders on a prospective buyer or renter. Home staging can be a vital tool in the arsenal of those looking to sell or let, as it allows for a prospective buyer to get a really good and properly intimate feel for how a space might look with them in it. The home staging service that LOFT . DESIGN offers is nothing short of exceptional, and really works in tandem with a client to achieve the perfect home feel. Offering three core services, the excellence of LOFT . DESIGN goes well beyond the three into much more detailed service. The three include Home Staging, Consulting Services, and Rental Furniture Services, and each one works collaboratively with the others to deliver a well- rounded and complete service. Firstly, the process begins with the Home Staging phase, and opens with a visit to the space that will be decorated. Together with the client, the team at LOFT . DESIGN will then put together an improvement and decoration proposal, which can include small amounts of renovation work on request, decoration, and preparation of the property. Once the initial process has been completed, the real work can begin and LOFT . DESIGN sets about creating truly beautiful interior spaces that resonate with those looking on the property L market. The Consulting Services include a space evaluation, reorganization of existing spaces, and planning as to where furniture could go. All of the furniture that LOFT . DESIGN uses in its home staging service is professionally sourced, and is perfectly suited to generate property value in as short a time as possible. Furthermore, all furniture and decorating accessories are rented, so that the client can sell their furnished property. At the end of the rental contract, LOFT . DESIGN takes it upon itself to be responsible for collecting all the furniture. An empty space does not generate emotion, and it can be hard for a prospective buyer or renter to see themselves in a space. A staged experience from LOFT . DESIGN does more than simply make a space look attractive to clients; it evokes emotion and inspires imaginations. The decorations are superb, and the furnishings are fantastic. This pristine Portuguese firm is at the top of its game, and fully deserves this recognition in BUILD’s Architecture Awards 2020. Company: LOFT . DESIGN Contact: Maria Carlos Silva Website: Redesigning, redeveloping, and rehabilitating an interior space can mean far more than simply considering a recolour, or changing up some of the furniture to make a space look nice. These factors can seriously impact on a person’s life, and the right kind of interior space can boost emotional and mental wellbeing in ways that would never have been previously considered. Fortunately, they are always considered by LOFT . DESIGN, a Portuguese firm that specialises in home staging and property rehabilitation.