Architecture Awards 2020

BUILD 2020 Architecture Awards 12 Working in design and build requires a completeness to the service provided. Conception can breed excellent ideas, but without quality construction, there are no outstanding results. Fortunately, Pro Arkitects – Design and Build Experts offers both, and so much more. To find out what makes this firm an award-winning success story from the heart of Kent, we take a closer look at what it has to offer for clients. ver a relatively lifespan of just five years at present, Pro Arkitects - Design & Build Experts prides itself on providing each and every one of its clients with high-quality designs that have been tailor-made for their needs and budget specifically. From gaining the necessary planning approval, to managing the client’s project at every stage of before, during, and after the construction, Pro Arkitects ensures that every project is completed on time, and on budget. As a result, all of the clients are comfortable in expressing their gratitude for the way in which the firm operates, and the processes it uses that create value for both company and client. One of the latest projects that Pro Arkitects has undertaken involved a keen understanding of a client’s needs as an elderly individual, in terms of how a space and its construction would benefit them and be future-proofed. After much deliberation, careful consideration, and one-to-one consultation with the client and experts, Pro Arkitects created an environment that is friendly, safe, and accessible for varying mobility needs, which was absolutely crucial. As a key element of ensuring accessibility both now and in the future, careful consideration of Approved Document M and the Equality Act was required throughout the design process. With many experts making up the team at Pro Arkitects, this careful consideration with done with the utmost dedication. That design process that Pro Arkitects have worked so hard to refine over the last five years has now taken shape, and is constantly showing just how exceptional the firm is. In terms of the design, the entire team of expert engineers, designers and builders always aim to exceed the client’s expectations, and have several initial meetings to gain a detailed understanding of their project brief and the specific needs that go with it. From there, the team at Pro Arkitects works with both the clients and the contractors to ensure that the design itself is fully incorporating different construction methods. These different methods of construction can be tailored in order to fully guarantee that the client gets the design that they have dreamed of, fully addressing the brief whilst also ensuring that building regulations have been met and adhered to completely. Some might argue that the Design and Construction industry is somewhat saturated, but it can be universally agreed that it is definitely competitive. Pro Arkitects ensures that is stands alone as a distinguished firm that crowd by having far superior levels of customer service and management that mark it out as different. Customer service is definitely one of the things that the firm is most proud of, and it undoubtedly gives the firm a competitive edge over others working in the industry. Throughout the entirety of the design and construction process, the stream of communication never ends. Someone from Pro Arkitects is almost always in regular contact with the clients through the process of design, planning, and construction, allowing the firm to keep the client up to date with any development. The O Multi-Disciplinary Design & Build Studio of the Year 2020 - Kent client can also ask any questions that they may have, with someone from Pro Arkitects constantly available. As has been the case for so many industries around the world, the impact of COVID-19 has been felt tangibly in the Design and Build industry, with much work being ground to a halt. However, that does not mean that the industry has not been undergoing drastic changes, developments, or is facing outside influences. For Pro Arkitects prior to lockdown, many of its clients were more reluctant to commit to anything, which did have a negative impact on the Company itself. However, as lockdown has slowly been eased in the United Kingdom, there has also been a significant increase in the enquiries that Pro Arkitects have had for services relating to home improvement. For many people who have been stuck at home during this period of lockdown, time away from everyday normal activities and busy life has given them the opportunity to consider, and undertake, home renovations. Looking to the future, it remains bright for Pro Arkitects despite the recent lockdown forced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite having previously focused the majority of its efforts on catering for the client base within the southeast of England, mainly Kent, the firm is now beginning to expand into the surrounding areas. Coupled with the intention of gradually expanding even further in order to provide services nationwide, Pro Arkitects is ready to address the organic enquiries that it has received from areas in which it does not currently advertise in. As a company, Pro Arkitects believes that it invests in a team that is at the very core of what it has to offer, making it even more successful in delivering excellent services than ever before. Each individual staff member brings something different, be it a skillset or particular area of expertise, and this diversity makes the firm confident in its own ability to deliver top service. As well as being Design and Build Experts, the firm is a committed team that is dedicated to creating new spaces that improve customer’s lives and homes all in one. 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