Architecture Awards 2020

109 2020 Architecture Awards BUILD Jul20590 Best Industrial Architectural Practice 2020 - Southeast USA Architectural design has changed throughout history, from the ancient civilisations and their towering structures, to the wonders of modern technology and virtual design. Atlas Collaborative represents a new era of architectural design; one defined by excellence and exceptionality at every turn. To find out more about exactly what Atlas Collaborative is all about, we profiled the firm following its win in the Architecture Awards 2020 from BUILD Magazine. The concept of architecture has existed nearly as long as the world itself. Despite being a comparatively recent addition, Atlas Collaborative is the beacon for a new era of architectural design. Comprised of some of the most passionate individuals in the industry, Atlas Collaborative’s principals and staff possess a highly diverse array of talent, expertise, and experience. With more than fifteen years of working together, Atlas Collaborative brings the expertise to design efficient, functional, and creative spaces for any client. With a total hands-on approach, Atlas Collaborative ensures that every project meets clients’ expectations along with its own high standards. Each project benefits from a wealth of experience and expertise, but the firmhas a particular focus on industrial, office, and multi-family architecture. The passion of the staff is instrumental in creating contemporary spaces with a strong sense of design and functionality. Every Atlas design fully embraces modern technology and aims to attract top tenants and the best talent. This is perhaps most evident in the firm’s latest project for a European medical systems group. This client was looking to establish an office in Alpharetta, Georgia. The chosen site contained numerous hurdles, some of which required successful negotiations with the city. The European design aesthetic appealed to the client but required creative use of T tilt-up construction. The solution included recessing tilt-up panels in certain areas, with glazing by-passing the recesses to provide a continuous visual element. Approaching a project in this way is indicative of how Atlas Collaborative handles every project, with the team expertly finessing design objectives, site constraints, and project budget. Atlas Collaborative achieves the best possible aesthetic within any project restraint. It is experience and knowledge that sets the firm apart from the competition, particularly when it reveals itself in the form of designs that are effective, and pragmatic details that are easily executed in the field. The team understands structural, MEP, and civil engineering and incorporates this experience into a design that produces an excellent finished product that not only is pleasing aesthetically but functions outstandingly well. Architecture is an industry that closely follows economic cycles. COVID-19 has undoubtedly required major changes in every market segment. Atlas Collaborative anticipates that ofice design in particular will experience a natural shift as it adjusts to new working conditions. The firm is very actively monitoring and guiding emerging trends as people return to the ofice and will continue to cater its design to the changing markets. Ultimately, there have beenmany times where worldly events have shifted the way in which architecture is viewed and utilized. As work and living demands change, Atlas Collaborative represents a new era in just how excellent and adaptable architectural design can be. Company: Atlas Collaborative Contact: Jacob McCauley Website: