2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 84 Jun19471 ince it first began in 2008 Studer Innen & Architektur has been committed to innovative architecture, creative interior design with highest room quality and exclusive design. Working collaboratively, the practice’s competent team develops individual solutions on behalf of the client. The focus is set on timely and cost-effective realisation to ensure that projects are completed on-time, on-budget and to the highest standard possible. Clients often have special requirements which they feel will help them to feel at home in their space, and this is where this dynamic firm excels. Architecturally and creatively the team is incredibly experience, and as a result they often provide completely new perspectives for the client. Over the years the firm has expanded its portfolio of work beyond Switzerland and its core specialities of hospitality and commercial design, and today the practice works with private and corporate clients from around the world. Studer Innen & Architektur: Best Interior Design Studio 2019 - Switzerland Providing everyone from private clients through to companies and the hospitality industry with the benefit of its expertise, Studer Innen & Architektur is an innovative interior design studio dedicated to quality and creativity. A winner in the 2019 Architecture Awards, this unique firm is committed to crafting spaces clients can feel at home in, as we found out when we profiled the practice. S One of the firm’s latest projects is in Singapore, with the team implementing a restaurant concept in a new shopping mall in Singapore. At the beginning, the challenge was to develop a corporate design that would be implemented in Asia for the first time, but would also work in Europe. Since the shopping mall is especially designed for high energy efficiency, Studer Innen & Architektur concept should also be implemented sustainably in every single component and will drive the team to even greater renown and help it to establish itself as a leader in the global interior design space. All of this would be impossible without Founder Florian Studer, and the firm draws on his expertise to craft the spaces its clients have come to expect. Together the team have vast collective experience across a myriad of industries, including the gastronomy and hotel industries, and this enables the team to integrate attractive design, above-average maintenance of value and a high degree of efficiency into its work processes and create a coherent concept, especially in this highly competitive industry. For businesses this not only enables them to win over their end users, but also to benefit from cheaper processes day after day. Over the years ahead, one of the biggest and most comprehensive changes in the interior design market will probably be the ongoing digitalisation that has already prevailed throughout the corporate market. Approaches such as Building Information Modelling will revolutionise architecture from the ground up, offering unique opportunities and challenges for firms across the market. In particular, the closer interlocking of all planning areas of a project and the holistic consideration of the life cycle, including facility management in the daily use, will lead to new experiences and far-reaching changes in dealing with architecture. Dedicated to ensuring it is always ahead of emerging market developments, Studer Innen & Architektur will be working to ensure it enhances its service offering in the future so that clients can rest assured they will always receive the most relevant, high- quality support and a solution they can be proud of when they work with this driven and creative interior design practice. Company: Studer Innen & Architektur Contact: Florian Studer Address: Studer Innen & Architektur, Riedenmatt 4, 6370 Stans (Switzerland) Website: http://www.studer.archi/

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