2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 82 May19217 tella Maris Architecture strives to make beautiful works and adopts the classical understanding of beauty in order to achieve this. The firm boldly maintains that beauty is objective and that there are certain criteria necessary to achieve this. The firmness of this claim is based on philosophical principles maintained for millennia and beautiful works of architects throughout history who have also subscribed to these principles or whose work is a clear demonstration of these principles. Supporting a wide range of clients, the practice works with a vast spectrum of talented consultants, all of whom complement and support these services. Thanks to its dedication to quality, the firm attracts clients wanting a well-conceived work of architecture. This the practice works tirelessly to provide, supporting clients throughout the project and offering an exceptional standard of service at all times. Stella Maris Architecture: Best Architectural Planning Firm – Texas & Best Residential & Mixed-Use Planning Project: The Homestead Based in Houston, Texas, Stella Maris Architecture is a small architecture practice offering the full range of architectural services. As part of our overview of some of this year’s Architecture Awards winners we profile the firm, which was awarded two of our prestigious accolades thanks to its hard work and commitment to client satisfaction. S Among the firm’s portfolio of successful projects is “The Homestead”, which is a proposal for a residential or mixed- use development, a key challenge remains to find an investor who believes and will support the project. Fundamentally, it is the type of project intended to elevate those using it and the community into which it is inserted. Those who have collaborated or advised on the project recognize its value for this reason. Stella Maris Architecture expresses its gratitude to those who have contributed to the project’s value, including those same collaborators, religious and secular institutions instrumental in the firm’s academic training, and the special patroness of the firm, Stella Maris. The architectural character of the project aims not only at providing for the physical wellbeing of its users, but, more importantly, at the spiritual and moral formation of the residents of all ages. This ordination of purpose is essential to this project and every architectural project and is central to the conceptual thinking of Stella Maris Architecture as a business. Ultimately, over the coming years Stella Maris Architecture will continue to focus on creating truly beautiful, artistic creations that will meet the needs of clients and users alike. Company: Stella Maris Architecture Name: Paul Benavente Address: 700 Gemini St. Suite 210, Houston, TX 77058 Telephone Number: 281-286-3476 Web Address: www.stellamarisarchitecture.com

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