2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 8 May19424 or more than 11 years Roper Architekten is able to provide its clients with an integrated architecture, design and landscaping service to ensure that every aspect of their project is carried out to the highest possible standard. John explains the formation of his firm in his opening comments, exploring how it came to become renowned for its quality services. “Prior to creating Roper Architekten, I was previously employed as a design architect by companies in the area. As such, when I started my own company, I was already well known in the area and respected for my hard work and tenacity. “Today, my firm boasts six designers, with half of our team being architects. Thanks to our experience we are able to plan and do site supervision for all our buildings. We design everything from private homes to commercial and communal buildings, working with all our clients to create something truly special.” When he began his firm, John wanted to focus on quality and ensure that clients received the outcome they expected, and this remains his core aim, as he proudly showcases. “Personally, I firmly believe that good design does not have to cost more money than traditional construction. The extra effort needed in developing new ideas and details we gladly invest to make sure that what we design is up to our own set standards. Roper Architekten: Best Architecture & Design Consultancy - Lower Saxony & Best Residential Project (Lower Saxony): Cultivation S Headed by Founder John Roper, Roper Architekten successfully plans and realizes regional and national building projects. John proudly discusses his company and how it has come to win two of this year’s coveted Architecture Awards. F “As such, when my firm undertakes any project, we spend the majority of our time on the design und detail planning stage so that nothing is left to chance on the building site. Since all the detail drawings are complete before the building is on site. Good cost control is also important for us so that clients receive the solution they want within their budget.” Discussing his firm’s current work, John highlights how he and his team will work to overcome the challenges it presents in order to produce an innovative solution for their client. “Currently, my firm is redeveloping an old industrial site in Bückeburg, where we want to build small flats (60m2) with two bedrooms that are affordable, yet still well designed. The modern design has to fit in to the listed buildings next door, and this will be an exciting challenge for my team and I.” As he looks to the future, John is confident that his focus on client satisfaction will drive his company to even greater success, as he is excited to conclude. “Ultimately, architecture companies are slaves to their reputations, and will only survive in the long-term if they are renowned for excellence and quality. As such, Roper Architekten will continue to focus on quality over the coming years whilst seeking to grow and support even more clients throughout 2019 and into the future.”

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