2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 42 May19197 ounded in 2002, Imagine Building Design is a collaborative architectural practice dedicated to building relationships with its clients and changing lives through great architecture and design, which is the firm’s overall mission. Tony explores how this is achieved through the quality completion of each and every project the firm undertakes. “Here at Imagine Building Design we pride ourselves on designing beautiful high-performance buildings that change lives. This is delivered by our focus on combining sustainability and efficiency with aesthetics and architectural appeal as well as function and use of space. We seek to offer value by creating a quality environment that our clients will love and can enjoy for many years to come. “This client and value-driven approach is applied across all our projects irrespective of size or budget. We believe there is opportunity in each and every project to make better choices and better design decisions to improve the quality of the space experienced by its occupants. We believe that merely meeting minimum building code requirements is not enough, but rather exceeding minimums is the key to better buildings whether they be new architectural homes or commercial structures.” Among the firm’s recent projects is its award-winning Paddock 35, a glorious modern space set in stunning rural countryside. Tony explains the structural importance of certain aspects of the project and how the Imagine Building Design team worked hard to ensure it created a truly spectacular home its owners could be proud of. “Paddock 35 was an exciting project for us. The key design challenge was mitigating against the prevailing strong wind well known in this region. This was achieved through careful placement of outdoor living spaces and the use of the built form to provide the barrier protecting the occupants. We are particularly proud of the innovative and cost-effective roof design on this project. The form evolved from the development of an idea where simple timber trusses could be used to create extreme overhangs. The overhangs are swept up over the structure the way the wind sweeps across the land. The form Imagine Building Design: Best Residential Architecture Design Practice 2019 – Antipodes & Best Rural Residential Design Project (New Zealand): Paddock 35 Based in New Zealand, Imagine Building Design is an innovative architecture practice specialising in stunning, modern residential designs. We invited Tony Biesiek, company owner and Design Director, to tell us more about the firm and its award-winning project Paddock 35 to learn more about how it came to win not one but two of our prestigious Architecture Awards for 2019. F appears to lean with the wind, inspired by the rows of nearby pine and macrocarpa trees.” “Over the years, our experience through completing over 900 commissions to date has become wide and diverse, with projects undertaken locally as well as throughout New Zealand and with a couple of international projects. The Imagine Building Design team skill levels are exceptional as demonstrated through the multiple awards they have won over the years with a track record showing an ability to adapt quickly to client changes, government legislation and technical site situations. “No matter what their needs or expectations, the Imagine Building Design is the team to use if clients are looking for innovative design, quality technical documentation and superior service through excellent communication. We are a multi- award-winning architectural design practice with specialist expertise in residential and commercial design and we draw on our depth of experience on every project we undertake.” As he looks forward Tony is excited about the future of this innovative and dynamic company as it seeks to change more lives, expand its geographic reach and undertake even more invigorating projects throughout 2019 and beyond. “Moving forward, as a practice we will continue to pursue high-end architectural homes as well as exciting commercial projects. We are currently working a multi-purpose sports and events centre for a local college which combines exciting and dynamic design and extreme energy efficiency. We are very proud of this project as it will deliver a fantastic functional and iconic building for the college as well as creating value and looking to the future through being net-zero-energy certified. This is an exciting aspect of the design for us and delivers on our “changing lives” mission. By being fully self-sufficient despite being a large building, it will put no energy demand on the Earth’s existing resources and will enable the college to focus its funding on delivering education rather than paying ever-increasing energy bills. This is an exciting project and Imagine Building Design is excited about creating even more energy-efficient spaces over the years ahead.”

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