2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 38 Jun19418 riffel 3D Design has been using 3D technology to bring objects and abstract concepts to life and showcase its clients’ creations to a wider audience. Supporting a diverse range of clients including architectural firms, interior designers, builders, large corporations in various industries, Griffel 3D Design offers everything from 3D visualization and modelling through to 360 panos and VR from abstract to photorealistic. Working with such a range of clients on projects big and small, the studio’s team understands the need to offer a bespoke service tailored to the individual requirements of each client. Their goal is always to solve the problems of the customer through the use of cutting-edge technology. Griffel 3D Design: Best 3D Architectural Visualisation Studio – Germany Griffel 3D Design works hard to bring projects to life through professional 3D visualization. We profile the studio to find out more about the innovative, cutting-edge solutions it provides to its clients throughout the architecture market. G Founder Elena Kotonskaya states: “I am deeply passionate about art, design and technology and dedicated to creating unique drawings that will meet the needs of any client no matter how specific.” Through realistic visualization, different ideas can be tested and optimized in the early stages of development, and as such the studio’s solutions pave the way for greater creativity and innovation in the architecture market. Looking to the future, Griffel 3D Design is eager to offer more services with augmented reality technology to drive the studio to even greater success and offer its clients the solutions they require in this competitive and fast-paced sector. Company: Griffel 3D Design Name: Elena Kotonskaya Address: Weimarische Str. 12, 01127 Dresden, Germany Telephone: +49 351 31387503 Web Address: https://www.griffel-design.com/

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