2019 Architecture Awards

23 2019 Architecture Awards BUILD May19170 eeking to create truly innovative and unique spaces, Anders Lasater Architects works closely with its clients from the beginning of each project through to its completion. This focus is embedded in the firm’s mission, which Anders outlines in his opening comments. “Here at Anders Lasater Architects our overall mission to provide our clients with the highest quality architectural design and service they can find. To achieve this, we first and foremost stay true to our formula for developing quality design through our mastery of the fundamentals of great architecture: Space, Proportion, Light, and Material. We then communicate our solutions effectively with the client, helping them see, feel, and understand deeply the design solutions we are proposing. “This process develops as we work closely with the client to refine their experience of the architecture and give them confidence to deliver the built project. Finally, through construction we stay closely committed to the project, guiding and refining the design through delivery. Through this approach we know how to deliver the highest quality architectural design and service for our clients.” Among the firm’s recent work was its project in Chicago, of which Anders is incredibly proud. “Recently, we completed the design of a large home on a wooded site in a suburb north of Chicago, Illinois. Our challenge was to weave the extensive house program in and among the stately trees that pepper the site while creating a warm and cosy home that offered the client a welcome retreat from the bustle of 9 to 5 life in downtown Chicago. The project was honored by the American Institute of Architects with a Merit Award for design in 2018, and we are incredibly proud of the outcome we achieved for our clients.” To achieve success on every project, Anders and his team treat it individually and work with the client to ensure they understand their exact needs, as he explains in detail. Anders Lasater Architects: Best New Home Design & Renovation Firm - Southern California & Best Custom Residential Design Project (Orange County): Cornelio Residence Anders Lasater Architects is a dedicated and passionate group of design professionals whose core focus is to exceed their client’s expectations. Founder Anders Lasater talks us through the firm and the projects that have driven it to win not one but two of this year’s Architecture Awards. S “When working on any project, we aim to offer our clients a truly bespoke service that is tailored to meet their requirements. After all, success for each project looks different to different clients, for different reasons. However, the one constant through every project is the need to communicate clearly and effectively. In the end that’s what architects really do; we communicate ideas. “At first, we do that through concept sketches, 3D modeling, and spatial diagrams that communicate the idea of the project to the client. Those are refined into complex technical drawings that communicate the ideas of the project to the builders. And finally, we communicate our ideas to the rest of the world through the built form of the building. Success comes when the communication has been clear and effective at all stages of the project.” As he looks to the future, Anders is excited for the developments that his firm will undergo and how these will help drive it to even greater success. “Looking ahead, the future for Anders Lasater Architects will bring exciting revaluations about how we can deliver outstanding design to our clients; through innovation in technology, construction, management, etc. Every year we seem to surpass our previous work, both in terms of quality in design and in quality of delivery of the built work. “Ultimately, our clients are the benefactors of our future work, as they will be living and working in spaces we create for them using these technologies. We are excited to create inventive new spaces for them and incorporate the latest solutions and trends into their projects.” Company: Anders Lasater Architects Name: Anders Lasater Address: 384 Forest Ave Ste 12 Telephone: 949 497 1827 Web Address: https://www.anderslasaterarchitects.com/

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