2019 Architecture Awards

BUILD 2019 Architecture Awards 16 Jun19027 ounded in Stuttgart in November 2016 OONITOO is a start-up dedicated to furniture and room design. Over the years since its inception the company has come to develop, market and sell creative furniture and home accessories. Its focus has always been on the interior design of private homes, offices and restaurants, working to create unique spaces that clients can feel at home in. In order to offer holistic customer solutions, OONITOO works together with interior designers, wood technicians, architects, craftsmen and merchants. As part of its extensive service offering, OONITOO supplies the in-house design for small series products, checks the technical feasibility of constructions, tracks the production and markets or sells the furniture via the trade. In interior design as well as in furniture design, the start-up deliberately uses alternative materials to preserve nature. Fast-growing raw materials or the use of sustainability-certified materials are the focus, ensuring that OONITOO remains ahead of emerging market trends. Every aspect of the firm’s designs is made in Germany to ensure true quality. OONITOO - interior elements: Best Residential Interior Design Practice - Germany Drawing on over 20 years collective experience in furniture design, interior design, architecture, communication, automotive, gastronomy, hotel business, OONITOO - interior elements is an interdisciplinary team of architects, furniture designers, craftsmen and merchants undertaking a wide variety of projects across the residential interior design market. As part of our showcase of some of 2019’s esteemed Architecture Awards winners we profile the firm and explore how far it has come in just three years. F One example of the firm’s work is its recent conversion of an old private old villa into a family home. A completely new bathroom was created as a highlight. The remaining rooms with high ceilings such as the living room, dining room, kitchen, office and children’s room were designed in a contemporary style. The challenge of these core renovations is to ensure that all parties involved are exactly attuned to the task at hand so that the schedule and the budget are kept to at all times. This is a challenge OONITOO are proud to have overcome thanks to their vast market experience. The firm also worked on Germany’s first real estate boutique, which opened in Stuttgart for the first time in the new year 2018. The former branch of BW Bank appears in new splendour and is now home to three concepts in one space. Together with the client, the OONITOO team designed an office space of 300 sqm with the aim of creating an open office landscape for employees and clients using cool and warm materials. Looking to the future, OONITOO wants to develop into a brand that deals intensively with the themes of design and architecture in order to offer contemporary room concepts. These solutions must be healthier and more ecological for the entire community, as well as offer aesthetic value. This vision will remain central to the firm’s approach as it seeks to enhance its already impressive success and grow its reputation for excellence in the highly competitive interior design space.