2018 Architecture Awards

97 2018 Architecture Awards Build hard to create a valuable and wide-ranging mix of shared experience and knowledge, enabling a comprehensive response to any architectural project. “Treating every brief as a one-off, we strive to create the best architecture using a thorough understanding of the project, considering aspects like culture, history and society, modern methods of construction, build costs, sustainability, the big picture, the small detail, context and people. Our aim is to create bespoke, considered, progressive architecture for commercial and private clients. We pool our skills, resources and expansive project history to enable us to respond quickly and effectively, while producing the most diverse, creative response.” Looking ahead, Ian believes that the future is bright for his firm as it seeks to build upon its current success, as he proudly concludes. “Moving forward, B | D | G is making plans for the future and we are keen to continue learning, growing and creating even better architecture for our clients and the public.” St Martins View St Martins View St Martins Courtyard

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