2018 Architecture Awards

95 2018 Architecture Awards Build term partnership that is poised to revolutionize the way Optima develops, designs, constructs and manage its building communities. Ultimately, while each Optima project is distinctive and customized to its physical location, there are shared aesthetics that have become hallmarks of the team’s architectural vision: strong geometric shapes, simple details reflecting the inherent beauty of quality building materials, large expanses of glass, and open, flexible floor plans. Even the way each building sits on its site is carefully considered to optimize the building’s beauty and functionality. The team at Optima is committed to promoting advances in sustainable building design and construction by integrating innovative selections, finishes and solutions into the master planning and creative development, including LEED, BIM and Virtual Building Technologies. The result makes Optima elite and its homes state-of-the-art: environmentally, aesthetically and structurally. These principals will remain Optima’s guides as it looks towards a bright and opportunity-filled future.