2018 Architecture Awards

93 2018 Architecture Awards Build in the soil in a short time, and thus the development of humus, while keeping the clumpy structure of the soil. That structure promotes the digestion of conditioner by the fauna in the soil, and forms decomposing matter that binds clay and silt into aggregates that are characterised by microporosity, effectively aerating the soil and storing water. These are non-exhaustive orientations for creating and sustainably maintaining our green spaces (courses) and soils, which are the greatest reserves of biodiversity in the world. The firm’s focus on developing an overall view of the biodiversity dimension and sing environmental engineering, before the design process, during work and during the life of the course has resulted in exceptional environmental benefits which the team at Golf Optimum are proud of. The results of inventories completed in earlier projects show that there is an increase in plant species, greater diversity and wealth of butterflies, grasshoppers and birds, and that some of the habitats created are conducive to amphibian breeding. The land on which a golf course is laid out can very well be adapted in a coordinated manner, by recreating wetlands and obtaining biotopes that are favourable for the expression of greater diversity within a few years. Currently, Golf Optimum is studying a project for developing an alpine resort including a golf course, a golfing school, walking, cycling and bridle paths, and in the winter season, the possibility of practising long- distance skiing, snowshoeing, sledging and biathlon. A five-star hotel complex is also part of this alpine resort, located in a reputed ski resort to the north of the Alps. To ensure that the project is a success, Golf Optimum has advised the resort to secure the services of GEO (Golf Environment Organization – Scotland), which has studied the project and accepted it in the On Course ® Developments programme. That makes it incumbent upon the project and its developers to strictly apply the requirements for sustainable development approval from GEO. Ultimately, Golf Optimum is committed to setting an example by showing its future clients its know-how and the high quality of its projects.

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