2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 70 Mixed-Use Architect of the Year 2018 - New York Robert Stanziale, Architect, PC draws on the expertise and vast knowledge of its Founder Robert Stanziale. We invited Robert to tell us more about his work and how he collaborates with his clients a successful outcome to every project. The municipal approval process was long and thorough but ultimately yielded a fitting design for both the City and Client. The 80-room hotel is being construction on a very tight ‘city’ lot and, once completed, will be a LEED Certified building.” In the architecture market today, there are many exciting developments which will offer Robert Stanziale, Architect, PC many invigorating opportunities to build upon its current success, as Robert proudly concludes. “Currently, our geographic region is benefitting from an aggressive construction atmosphere, and my firm is fortunate to be in the thick of it. We are careful not to over extend ourselves as we strive to maintain that attention to detail. “Overall, I continue to see a positive future for our firm. We pride ourselves in being on the leading edge of whatever technology has to offer with respect to office production and management, constantly re-adjusting where needed, and this will remain our core focus over the years to come as we seek to further enhance our service offering and portfolio of satisfied clients.” obert Stanziale has been in practice for 32 years and is proud to have been responsible for a multitude of projects in multi-family residential, retail, industrial, educational and corporate disciplines. Robert discusses the firm’s work and latest projects in more detail and explores the challenges and opportunities each one offers. “At Robert Stanziale, Architect, PC, we offer architectural services for ground up projects as well as renovations and repurposing of existing structures. We are involved in the municipal approval phase through construction administration. We provide architectural services for projects primarily in the Westchester NY County area but often work in New Jersey and Connecticut. Our approach to a project is simple; we listen and get to understand the client. They need our guidance more than they usually admit. Building that level of trust with your client goes a long way for a successfully meeting their goals. I feel that this is one way our firm differentiates itself from others and provides us with repeat clients. “Under construction currently is a new boutique hotel I designed in our local city, New York. This project has taken a while to come to fruition. R AR180068 Company: Robert Stanziale, Architect, PC Contact: Robert Stanziale, AIA Address: 270 North Avenue, Suite 402, New Rochelle New York 10801 Phone: 914.633.0070

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