2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 68 Best High-End Residential Architecture Practice - London Prestige Architects is a boutique, London based architecture practice specialising in creating bespoke residential projects tailored to the individual needs of its esteemed clients. We invited Director Marco Braghiroli to talk us through the practice in more detail and share the secrets behind the creation of the perfect project. This client focused approach has clearly paid off, as Prestige is no stranger to repeat clients, who commission follow-up projects worldwide and continue their personalised, breath-taking architectural journey, filled with elegance and creative expertise. Marco is proud to outline the range of projects the firm currently has on its books and additional undertakings that it is continually accepting. “Currently we have 10 ongoing projects, ranging from a 1,700 sqf Chelsea flat full refurb to a new 12,000 sqf villa abroad – with many more exciting projects in the pipeline. Each of these projects is unique by nature and they vary from a refurbishment in the heart of Knightsbridge in London to a new large 10,000 sqf new chalet in Switzerland. Every project has its challenges and demands and uniquely answers; I like the challenges that are regularly presented from each type of project, from the refurbishment of a 100 year old house in central London to the new build abroad where construction technologies are different. I am also proud of a long-lasting project mission we are working on with an Italian company to build schools in Africa in synergy with some key African countries’ governments.” As he explores the future, Marco is optimistic that Prestige can continue to create exceptional projects that will meet its clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. “To ensure continued success for both ourselves and our clients, at Prestige we are keen to keep ourselves in a precise position in the market where we are not too large, with the risk of losing our identity but, at the same time, focusing on large and exciting projects in the UK and internationally. Ultimately, we have established a credible and reliable reputation and, in some cases, we have seen clients happy to wait for us to get involved in their projects. We aim to retain this position and continue to enhance our portfolio of satisfied clients over the years to come.” stablished in 2009, today Prestige works with clients throughout the UK and abroad, creating some of the most beautiful and innovative living spaces, through a tailored traditional, contemporary or modern design process based on client requirements. Although the firm’s background is in traditional architecture, the team have often been asked to design contemporary space to suit the client preferences, and as such they take a very dynamic approach to the design, as every member of Prestige’s team understand that, ultimately, the building will be the clients’ home, therefore it is important that their vision is realised. Marco explores how this approach is entwined with the firm’s mission to create outcomes that meet the needs of every stakeholder. “Here at Prestige, my aim is to very much enjoy the process together with my client in building something that tailors to their expectation and everyday life. I have come across a few architects in the past that in some shape or form imposed design onto the project following a more personal achievement instead of creating the client’s dream and I have promised myself that I would always do the opposite”. “When undertaking any project, I gather all the client needs and tastes and then suggest a design in line with these pulling together the complex puzzle with harmony. At the end of the process I will be stepping away from the final product whilst the client will literally wake up every day within these walls and, as such, the outcome must be tailored around their dreams. In my view, achieving this is all about the eye, as symmetry and consistency will ensure balance in the form and nothing is more important to me than the element of detail - as it is incredible how space changes by carefully looking at this element of design.” E AR180020 Company: Prestige Architects Contact: Marco Braghiroli Address: 2 Magistrate House, Market Place, London, TW8 8FJ, UK Phone: 0207 971 1368 Website: www.prestige.eu.com

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