2018 Architecture Awards

2018 Architecture Awards Build 67 leotint is a dynamic glass supplier with one of the most utilized products in that space called Suntuitive Dynamic Glass. This is a thermochromic technology that adjusts automatically based on the temperature of the glass. It is amazingly intuitive technology and its finding more and more users every day, as Patrick highlights. “Here at Pleotint, we supply our materials to a multitude of different users and are always working to educate the building owners and architects about how our product can make a difference for the environment and the buildings that are being constructed in it. We are dedicated to providing customers with brilliant and dynamic glass technologies that increase building efficiency and optimize comfort. Every day we work to develop the best products and back it with best in class service. “One of our more recent projects was the MASCO Headquarters in Michigan, USA. It was a beautifully designed building by the architectural firm of Lindhout Associates. The building was being built near many other already constructed buildings and they wanted to make sure our glass made a statement. They did not want blinds to keep the sun and glare out, our glass intelligently works for itself (and the building). The Suntuitive Dynamic Glass met their goals as the MASCO Building has an amazingly clean look and the occupants are comfortable year-round.” Pleotint’s success in this prestigious awards programme highlights the innovative and unique nature of its signature product, something Patrick is keen to emphasise. “Everyone at Pleotint is so excited to win this award. Suntuitive® Dynamic Glass is special and we want more and more people to know about it. This is a technology that simply uses the heat from direct sunlight to tint windows when necessary. It is truly smart glass. We are dedicated to providing customers with naturally brilliant, sustainable windows that increase energy efficiency and optimize comfort and views. Our company is made up of women and men who work very hard to service our customer base and do right by our industry. Having an innovative product truly makes it easier to come to work every day.” Looking to the future, Patrick is optimistic about his firm’s ongoing success, as he is proud to conclude. “Overall, at Pleotint we believe the future is very bright. We have completed projects all over the world and have many others in development that we are very excited for them to get off of the drawing boards and onto purchase orders.” Pleotint L.L.C Most Innovative Natural Lighting Solution: Suntuitive® Dynamic Glass Pleotint, LLC is a Michigan based innovator of advanced window technologies that has created Suntuitive Dynamic Glass, a self-tinting glass technology that darkens gradually and dynamically when heated by direct sunlight. Patrick Lentz tells us more about this unique product and how it is changing the market for the better. P AR180108 Company: Pleotint L.L.C Contact: Patrick Lentz Address: 6722 18th Avenue, Jenison, Michigan, 49428, USA Phone: 001 616 662 7216 Web Address: www.suntuitiveglass.com

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