2018 Architecture Awards

65 2018 Architecture Awards Build basis for the majority of our work, and it is important for us to stay true to the original architecture, presenting us with an exhilarating challenge.” Challenging projects are where PEEK Architecture + Design thrives, as Georgina is proud to highlight as she showcases one of the firm’s most recent projects, a listed building in London in need of extensive repair. “One of our most successful projects recently was at a building named Gatti House on the Strand in London. It was historically the private dining rooms for the Adelphi theatre next door, but had fallen into disrepair over the years, housing a language school and amusement arcade. As it was grade 2 listed it had many constraints, but we managed to create four unique apartments and a restaurant on the ground floor, all the while retaining the character and exposing and restoring original features. It really was a labour of love for all involved and we are all very proud of the outcome.” Looking ahead, Georgina is optimistic about the future of PEEK Architecture + Design as she explores how the firm will be seeking to build upon its current reputation for excellence and use its skills and knowledge to grow even further over the months and years to come. “Over the last couple of years, we have been following our clients as they make the big move out of the city, so are working on some fantastic country residences now too, and it just shows that our clients trust us to listen and implement the projects in a way they truly trust. This is an exhilarating move for our firm as we work on new projects in unfamiliar surroundings. “Alongside this, we are also currently developing some bespoke furniture pieces, light fittings and designs for ironmongery. When carrying out extensive research we frequently find that certain products simply do not exist, and as such it would be great to create a line of products which reflect our practise’s developing style and meet the ever evolving needs of our clients. This will be our longer term focus as we look towards a truly exciting future.”

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