2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 62 Multi-Disciplinary Architecture & Design Firm of the Year 2018 – Italy -Malaysia & Architect of the Year 2018: Paolo Cucchi – Italy - Malaysia PCA Architecture, based in Malaysia and Italy, is a multi-disciplinary architectural firm that operates at different levels, from attentively crafted interiors to large scale projects: the design embraces residential, hospitality and retail projects, landscaping and urban planning. We invited Founder Paolo Cucchi to share a fascinating insight into the firm and the secrets behind its success. leitmotif of the project, able to attract birds, butterflies and dragonflies, to greet and calm and confer an overall pleasant feeling of coolness. Sustainability has been one of the major concern: new technologies, supported by traditional local devices, have made possible to discourage the use of air-con, required by the client.” This project is one of many which is helping Paolo and his team to change the built environment for the better, as he proudly highlights. “Fundamentally, my firm’s work revolves around the relationship between an architectural creation and the future ‘user’, which is a story mixed of discovery, expectations, joy or disappointment. My aim is to offer comfortable situations, enjoyable ambiences where people could feel well or love to live, whether they are houses or offices, private or public spaces.” Looking ahead, there are many exciting projects in the pipeline for PCA Architecture as the firm seeks to build upon its current success. Paolo concludes by outlining one particular project which is very close to his heart. “Currently we have a very interesting project in progress: a mixed-use development, supported by a flow-through solution, envisaging an environmentally responsible, human-scale, self-sufficient integrated complex. The project is an attempt to face and overcome a difficult logistic situation, as an opportunity to relieve especially commuting workers, obliged to daily travel from Johor to Singapore and to help the critical reality of young graduates, in particular need of economic support. As such we are particularly excited about this project and look forward to seeing it through to the end.” ounded in 1987, today PCAArchitecture works with public and private clients on new buildings and regenerations, providing a full service, from concept through to final completion in close collaboration with specialist consulting teams and the client. Paolo provides us with an overview of one of his firm’s latest projects and how his firm utilised its vast industry knowledge and collaborative approach to create an outcome the client could be truly proud of. “Here in Malaysia there are difficult climatic conditions such as humidity and hot weather all year around, and as such, sadly, today people has abandoned a kind of life carried out mostly outdoor, preferring to live in cool closed ambiences. A project I am particularly proud of, despite its modest size, is a pavilion conceived last year as an architectural sign melded with landscape and natural context, a ‘in-between shelter’, where to share outdoor recreational facilities, infinity pool and tennis court, and moments of conviviality with friends. The intention was to enhance the performative qualities of the natural context, providing a relaxing setting where to enjoy the experience. An attempt to restore a kind of life belonging to Malaysia’s past days. “Personally, I am fascinated by Asian exuberant greenery, and as such I was enthusiastic to approach this challenge. Space and atmosphere have been shaped to offer a poetic, regenerative corner, striving to reach emotional involvement. Architecture and landscape interact with empathic consonance: the architectural presence, expressed with linear simplicity, well blends with the surrounding natural elements, maximizing a close connection with the beauty of nature and its soothing power. Fluidity and fusion between exterior and interior arouse the feeling to be immersed in the tropical context. A belt of fluidity embraces and nurtures as vital lymph the composition: the pavilion floats on a strip of current water and running water flows from the mouths along the wall fence. Water is the recurrent F AR180063 Company: PCA Architecture Contact: Paolo Cucchi Address: Milan, Italy - Johor Bahru, Malaysia Email: [email protected] Website: www.paolocucchiarchitect.com

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