2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 60 rawing on its vast industry experience and expertise, OFFICIUM partners with local architects, designers, engineers, planners, contractors and communities to realize projects of all scales and sizes, each one a unique challenge with its own unique solution. Thomas tells us more about the firm’s service offering and how it works with clients to create projects that will stand the test of time. “Here at OFFICIUM, our international portfolio embraces projects across various sectors that employ tensile designs to meet the individual needs of our clients. We have created innovative solutions for zoos and aviaries, green facades, public art installations and sculpture, transportation security, and bridge safety, among others. The scope of possible applications is limited only by one’s imagination. Every project is a prototype with unique demands and conditions. This makes our work exceptionally rewarding and also demands that we constantly innovate. Tensile structures behave in ways that are completely unique in architecture. Our architects and engineers bring our very specialized knowledge to the design process and use it to inform not only a structure’s aesthetic, but also its performance. Our comprehensive understanding of tensile properties and material characteristics enables us to realize efficiencies for our clients – leveraging a minimum of materials for maximum effect. The resulting structures have striking visual impact while delivering long-term performance.” Innovation is key to the firm’s success, and as such Thomas is keen to outline how OFFICIUM adapts around the latest advancements in thinking and technology. “Our engineering makes use of the latest top-of-the-line three-dimensional analysis software and we work with only the highest quality suppliers of stainless steel mesh, cables and fittings. Stainless steel offers great advantages in strength and durability, maintenance and sustainability. Our work even lies at the foundation of numerous green projects where building facades use the mesh as a substrate to support the growth of vining plants on their surface – cooling the building, offering a beautiful visual component, and creating an opportunity to lower our impact on the planet.” Looking to the future, Thomas foresees even greater success for OFFICIUM, as he is proud to share in his concluding comments. “At OFFICIUM, we have always been active globally in designing high- impact tensile structures and our reach has extended to five continents. We are expanding our engagement with partners in Asia as well as building our portfolio in North America while maintaining a solid foundation in Europe. With offices in Stuttgart, Chicago, our ability to respond to our clients’ needs with flexibility, speed, and a personal touch will be greatly enhanced. We see a sharp increase in the internationalization of projects, with teams from around the globe coming together to deliver the highest degree of service. Each team brings their strengths and specialization to the table, so partnership and electronic coordination will be key to the success of our work. “Ultimately, the best materials, the best tools, and the best minds deliver the best project every time. That is our commitment and our legacy.” OFFICIUM Design Engineering GmbH Specialist Architecture & Engineering Company of the Year 2018 - Germany With more than 25 years of experience, OFFICIUM is the premier designer worldwide of tensile mesh and cable structures. From its home in Stuttgart, Germany and its North American base in Chicago, USA OFFICIUM is actively designing on five continents, as Thomas Ferwagner explores. D AR180079 Company: OFFICIUM Design Engineering GmbH Contact: Thomas Ferwagner Phone: +49 711 870 69 40 Website: www.officium.net

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