2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 6 rawing on the vast expertise and experience of its multi- disciplinary team, Archillusion Design operates within the fields of architecture, interior design, real estate development, product design, research and technology. The outcome of this integrated process is sophisticated, powerful, high-performance buildings that enrich their surroundings. Artur elaborates on how he and his team work to create truly incredible structures that will enrich the lives of those who use them. “Here at Archillusion Design, our team is characterized by true collaboration, open information sharing, value-based decision making, entrepreneurial thinking, and proficient use of technology to elevate design. Thanks to this approach, when we work on our projects, we concentrate on all the design points. These include the environment, location, scale, natural light, and circulation. The most significant aspect of our designs is the search for the emotional meaning of the space. This method allows us to bridge the gap between nature, architecture and the bodies that will inhabit this space. “Additionally, technology is the most critical tool that we use to elevate our designs. Our team at Archillusion Design developed new algorithms that use artificial intelligence to evaluate, optimize and deploy predictive design solutions by analysing available data sources to improve our built environment.” To demonstrate the effectiveness of this integrated, technology focused approach, Artur explores one of the firm’s ongoing projects and how he and his team are working together with their client to ensure success for everyone involved. “Our latest project is a unique chain of boutique resorts called CasaPlutonia. At this moment, we are developing five exclusive resorts, one of which is currently under construction. Located in the Mojave Desert, California, the first CasaPlutonia resort presented us with the challenge to provide a connection between the natural desert world and the interior space. “Solving this challenge helped us to create a link between nature, human, and architecture. Our team frequently visited the desert in search of inspiration, while analysing and documenting material on plants, trees, rocks, natural resources, and animals. The outcome of this research was an interior space that works with architectural elements, natural light, materiality, and sound that guides visitors on a journey through the resort, both intellectually and physically, where the narrative pushes and pulls at different emotions.” With regards to the future, Artur foresees Archillusion Design adapting around the developments it sees in the housing market in its region to support the local community and craft something truly spectacular, as he is proud to conclude. “Today, the housing shortage in the City of Los Angeles is a known fact. Existing apartment buildings are designed and built in the last century are far from serving 21st-century lifestyles and trends. As a result, architecture needs to be designed with more creative and environmentally friendly approach to counter new economic and environmental realities of our times. Our firm is working with real estate companies in the Los Angeles region to develop new solutions for creative live/work apartment buildings that would provide environmentally safe design, with parks and playgrounds within the property of the complex. This will offer us many exciting opportunities to drive change for our city, and we look forward to taking advantage of these.” Best High-End Interior Design Studio - Los Angeles Archillusion Design is a design-build company based in Los Angeles, that consists of passionate thinkers, visionary designers, architects and builders versed in a variety of markets and building typologies. We invited Artur Nesterenko to tell us more about the firm and the innovative projects it creates. D

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