2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 46 Livio Dell’oro Architetto Best for Industrial Building Projects 2018 - Italy Livio Dell’oro Architetto is a unique Italian design studio incorporating the expertise of a range of collaborators across a myriad of disciplines to create truly exceptional constructs to meet the needs of its clients. We profile the firm to find out more about the extraordinary work it undertakes. ffering a full architectural design offering ranging from the planning stage through to the direction and control of works, Livio Dell’oro Architetto meets the needs of a vast array of clients across the corporate and private market. Drawing on the vast experience of its dedicated team, the studio is also able to offer clients interior design services and support a range of innovative technologies, including BIM. This helps Livio Dell’oro Architetto to achieve its overall mission: to design spaces taking into account that living beings will live in us, and that enhance the natural environment around them, taking in to account the lives of the people, animals and plants in these spaces. By working to integrate its designed into the natural environment the studio is able to create dynamic constructs that will stand the test of time. Currently, the studio is developing an industrial project for an Austrian client who purchased property locally. This latest development is a very interesting project as it contains many architectural, technological and environmental aspects which will allow the studio to expand its knowledge and grow its already vast portfolio of clients. Looking to the future, Livio Dell’oro Architetto will be focusing on the integrated design to get the chance to design large buildings, residential, executive towers and a range of other constructions that will change the architecture market for the better. International projects are a key focus for the firm, and this will provide it with many exciting opportunities over the years to come. O AR180006 Company: Livio Dell’oro Architetto Contact: Livio Dell’oro Address: Via Manzoni 35, cap 23868, Valmadrera (LC) Italia Phone: 0039 0341 353703 Website: www.liviodelloro.com

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