2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 42 Best Bespoke Kitchen Furniture Designers - South East England Kitchen Art of Berkshire offers tailor made kitchens which are hand built and fitted to an exemplary finish. We caught up with Tricia Upton to tell us more about the firm and how it works to provide the very highest possible standards of service to its valued clients. of sale manuals, from our workshop we are able to create any size, shape or design of furniture our pens can draw. “In addition to the design and installation of a project, we can also arrange all site preparation and associated building works necessary, with our building company, or work closely with clients’ Architect, Interior Designer and Builder, as required. The quality of all works is paramount. Accordingly, over the last 30 years, we have built up a professional and committed team of highly skilled craftsmen that ensures that the highest standards are achieved.” Over the years Kitchen Art of Berkshire has built itself a reputation for excellence, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future, as Tricia proudly concludes. “Ultimately, at Kitchen Art of Berkshire our attention to design detail, exceptional project management, the bespoke nature of work and our extensive experience all combine to ensure that our clients enjoy the very best possible service and want to come back to work with us. They can see that we are a step above our competition, and moving forward we will continue to focus on quality and client service to ensure that our clients receive the exceptional standards of service that they have come to expect.” itchen Art have designed and installed bespoke furniture for over 30 years, gaining an extensive depth of knowledge in the design and installation of bespoke furniture to achieve exceptional results. Tricia outlines how she and her team work to provide a bespoke service. “Over the years, here at Kitchen Art of Berkshire we have established a team of professional and skilled designers, installers and suppliers. Our overall mission is to work with our clients to ensure the kitchen harmonises with their lifestyle and the environment and is aesthetically pleasing as well as practical to work within. To achieve this, we employ dedicated designers who are experienced and passionate in their work, leading clients through the creation of their new room, making sure their kitchen will not only be aesthetically stunning but also a delight to work in. They use their artistic skills alongside their extensive knowledge to uniquely produce hand drawn designs and artwork. “To create a truly unique outcome that meets the needs of each specific client, the furniture in each bespoke kitchen is individually designed and made to the very highest specifications. The doors are made from Ash, Cherry, Oak, Maple and Walnut and can be designed and finished to any requirements, alternatively clients can choose from our primed range, which are hand painted by our decorative artist to the clients’ requirements, creating a room completely individual to them.” As part of the firm’s focus on quality, every aspect of the project is undertaken with the highest possible care. Tricia shares the firm’s approach to working with any client and how her team works to ensure that they receive the very highest standards of support and service throughout the process. “When we start on any project, our aim is simple: to design, build and install beautiful kitchens. Our team of highly creative designers take clients initial ideas, requisites and wishes and work with them to create the perfect room. With our bespoke furniture, we work without the constraints K AR180044 Company: Kitchen Art of Berkshire Ltd Contact: Tricia Upton Address: 5-6 The Centre, Beaconsfield Road, Farnham Common, Buckinghamshire, SL2 3QQ, UK Phone: 01753 646631 Web Address: www.kitchenartonline.co.uk

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