2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 40 Start-Up Design Firm of the Year - Spain/Lebanon & Most Inspiring Residential Project 2018: Columbine Residential Resort JYH International Architects is a young, vibrant, Lebanon based architectural design firm. We invited Co-Founder Joy Alexandre Harb to talk us through the firm and the work it undertakes. “While each of us has general knowledge regarding architecture fundamentals, we individually excel in certain software which leaves our personal touch in the project. The ability to cope with challenging tasks is reflected in our daily office life, where our professional skills are put to work in order to achieve the best possible outcome to satisfy the client. “When working on any project, our ideas emerge from a carefully thought through analysis, elaborated into conceptualization, programming, then detailed drawings. As such, the process consists of different phases in which each is agreed upon by the client before proceeding to the next one. The final work is represented in the booklet containing 2D detailed architectural drawings, with the mechanical, electrical and structural study, as well as the highest quality of 3 dimensional perspectives which reflect the final result of construction. This combination of human insight and technological expertise allows for a flawless finish and designs that our clients and team can be proud of.” Having already achieved incredible success, Joy and his team are keen not to rest on their laurels, and instead continue to adapt and thrive whilst maintaining the exceptional standards of service that clients have come to rely on, as Joy concludes. “Ultimately, at JYH International Architects we have core values, including utilising the knowledge of past architects, learning to combine different perspectives in a compatible, non-oppositional way, and applying our work to a world whose needs are constantly changing. The ability of our firm to work with international clientele has proven the effectiveness of our adaptability and flexibility, while maintaining our core values, and moving forward this will remain our core focus as we seek to build upon our current success.” ounded by Joy Alexandre Harb and Yanna Haddad, JYH International Architects is an office of architecture, interior, engineering and design, with the objective of accomplishing the client’s vision of unique spaces with a maximum comfort. Joy explores the practice in more detail and shares how it works to create innovative spaces through collaboration and creativity. “Here at JYH International Architects, our young office is composed of people who are around 30 years old whose vision evolves around advanced technologies with the idea of space adapting to the need. We focus on exploring the effect of this technology in our daily life and how it helps to shape the architecture we live in. By doing so, we can simulate the feelings intended in the space, and create comfort or any other desired emotion. The choice of the architecture reflects directly on a person’s lifestyle, and as such we are constantly seeking to create spaces that reflect well upon our clients and their lives. “Over the years we have been involved in a multitude of projects in different regions such as the Middle East and Europe. As such, our work varies from residential, retail, educational, resorts, commercial and urban planning. The projects are of all different sizes; we manage projects like exhibition stands, to the complete planning of a land. Our team members IA come from different parts of the world, specifically Lebanon, Japan, Bulgaria and Spain. The diverse cultures allow us to have complementary views and perspectives when it comes to each project. We operate a collaborative internal culture, and without our collaborators Josep Alcover, Ji Won Jun, Borislav Schalev and Anis Bou Karam our success would never have been achieved, and as such we are incredibly proud of them and all their hard work.” Although the human touch is vital to ensuring every project is a success, the team also rely heavily on technology to create a professional outcome, as Joy is eager to emphasise. F AR180036 Company: JYH International Architects Contact: Joy Alexandre Harb Address: Portemilio Resort, Jounieh, 766, Lebanon Phone: 00961 3 246160 Website: www.jyh-ia.com

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