2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 20 Best Interior Design Company 2018 - East Anglia Coulby Interiors is an innovative interior design specialist based in Norfolk. We spoke to Founder Rebecca Coulby to gain an insight into the work she and her dedicated team undertake and the techniques they employ to ensure every project is a success. dedicated builders and tradespeople, many of whom have been with us since our establishment. Over the years we have designed for clients in Norfolk, Suffolk, London and internationally and we pride ourselves on offering a personal of level of service with careful consideration of our individual client requirements and budgets.” Having worked on a variety of projects for a vast array of clients, Rebecca has come to define her approach to interior design and pass this on to her team. She talks us through her approach in detail and highlights how she constantly works to ensure harmony between what her clients want and the space they have. “Personally, my design philosophy is simple; to create the best possible design for my client’s interior for their budget. My ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life for whoever will be enjoying the space I have designed. I believe every interior space should be considered and designed holistically to ensure the best possible use of the space. I feel very strongly that the interior space should dictate the exterior and not the other way around as is so often the case. At the very least, the interior should be designed in conjunction with the exterior of the building. All too often I am having to work backwards or make alterations to floor plans to accommodate my client’s requirements for the interior space. This belief may be something I have inherited from my father, and architect and interior designer. “In the same way that the interior should be designed in conjunction with the exterior, the individual rooms of a home should all be considered, even if it is only one room I am designing. There needs to be a sense of flow and the new space must work with all other existing rooms in order to achieve the best possible functionality. Equally, I always pay equal attention to negative spaces such as walkways and voids within walls, as well as the positive space. Functionality is of course, key and this is achieved through attention to detail and exploring every possible design opportunity. stablished in 2010, Coulby Interiors specialises in all aspects of interior design, from kitchens, bathrooms, living spaces, extensions and whole house renovations. Rebecca proudly shares how she came to create the firm and how far it has come over the past eight years. “When I first started Coulby Interiors I had a clear vision. I strongly believed there was a real demand in the market for a company that was able to truly offer one complete interiors service. A service encompassing professional interior design, through to the supply of all products and materials with a full and comprehensive project management service overseeing in-house build and installation teams. My aim was that this same level of service would be offered irrespective of the size of project, from a small bathroom through to a complete house renovation or extension. “Since inception we have been working towards this aim, and the company is now a family business with three teams of highly skilled and E AR180026 Company: Coulby Interiors Contact: Rebecca Coulby Address: Wood Farm, Bungay Road, Loddon, Norfolk, NR14 6DZ, UK Phone: 01508 292029 Website: www.coulbyinteriors.co.uk

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