2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 18 Christoph Hesse Architects Best German Early-Education Design Project: It takes Two To Tango Christoph Hesse Architekten is the architectural practice of renowned Architect and Urban Designer Christoph Hesse. We profile Christoph and his work to gain a fascinating insight into the projects he and his team undertake. Harvard University, and Cairo University. Christoph Hesse Architects nowadays work in a compact team of 15 – a number which, as he puts it, allows close contact and a reliable connection with each client and project. His engaging approach is also mirrored in the choice of material and a matter-of-fact approach to sustainability and responsibility for future generations. Here, the interactive play of light, form and shadow finds its most expressive shape. Ultimately, to yield power from the ground and from the nature surrounding us is, for ChristophHesse, of greater importance than outward sustainability measures. Rather, they are inbuilt as a matter of course. To provide for the next generation, to find solutions for a fruitful work and life balance, these are aspects that ultimately lead to projects such as “It takes two to tango” for a recreational area in Sauerland. Moving forward he and his team will be seeking to undertake even more innovative projects such as this. or Christoph Hesse, the truth lies in the ground. His architecture is marked by an intrinsic knowledge of the connection between nature and human living surroundings, resulting in a profound sense for the inner quality of a space. His design, equally dynamic and organic, makes for award- winning architecture. A piece of memory – an intuitive feeling for a place, certain wishes or a personal longing, of such nature are important aspects that for Christoph Hesse Architects come to life in pre-planning talks with builders and investors. They then become the initial spark, influencing the design as a whole and forming a line through the entire process, right up to handover. The firm believes that to win the Build 2018 Architecture Award is a great honour because the early-education project “It takes two to tango” stands for an intensive examination of the right balance between “vita contemplativa” and “vita activa” . This approach orbits all projects by Christoph Hesse Architects in a common spirit, but in a highly individualized way. They are a plea for a design that draws inspiration from the individuality of the client. A feeling of attachment to his rural home has always been of importance for Christoph. Though he did not shy away from taking a couple of years away from Europe, he eventually returned to his very own corner of the world in North Hesse where he opened his own office in 2008 in the town of Korbach. Christoph Hesse, born 1977, grew up in the highland area of Sauerland, Germany and received a Diploma in Architecture from ETH Zurich and a Master of Architecture in Urban Design with Distinction from Harvard University. In order to share his expertise and knowledge with the wider architecture community, Christoph frequently lectures at conferences and universities in Europe, America, and Southeast Asia and teaches at universities such as University of Kassel, TU Darmstadt, University of Architecture Saigon, F AR180023 Company: Christoph Hesse Architects Contact: Christoph Hesse Address: Am Hauptbahnhof 12, 34497 Korbach, Germany Phone: 0049 05631 501 45 76 Website: www.christophhesse.eu

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