2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 14 Recognised Leader in Nano House Design - Europe Blichfeldt Architects offers its clients the very latest solutions and the highest possible quality of architectural design services. We profile the firm to find out more about how it has come to epitomise Danish style and innovation. lichfeldt Architects undertakes a wide range of projects and project management work in the construction of well-known building projects, specialising in the renovation of commercial buildings, property and housing in central Copenhagen. Additionally, the firm participates in design and development projects and develop new products when required in a construction process or in accordance with applicable legislation. The team have worked in particular with new forms of housing cooperation and with rational system solutions to create concrete structures, steel and glass structures. The team’s approach is holistic regardless of the nature, extent and condition of the assignment. Their focal point is focus on people and the good architecture. As such, the team focus on creating beautiful craftsmanship and find the best solutions within the framework of what is tuned and budgeted into the project economy. As part of this holistic approach, Founder Bo Blichfeldt is a Certified Feng Shui consultant, specialising in Healing Architecture. Healing architecture is a design concept that represents the vision that the architecture affects human wellbeing and that architecture can therefore contribute to strengthening and / or promoting a healing process of the individual. The basic idea is not that the architecture can cure alone, but that the architectural design expressed in the daylight quality, the atmosphere of the room, colors, sound and the ability to be private and safe can support the healing that takes place both physically and psychologically. Ultimately, through their projects, Blichfeldt Architects’s aims to enhance human well-being in a beautiful and well-functioning framework, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future filled with exciting opportunities. The team believes that ‘A housing must live up to the dreams of its owner - and work in everyday life’, and this is what it strives towards with every project it undertakes. B AR180080 Company: Blichfeldt Architects PassiveHouse & BTB Feng shui Designers Address: Wesselsgade. 5, 2200 Copenhagne N, Denmark Phone: +45 317 300 70 Website: blichfeldt-arkitekter.dk

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