2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 122 aving developed over 100 projects and competitions in several countries over the years, today AVA has achieved incredible success thanks to the team’s hard work, dedication and consistently high-quality work. Currently the team at AVA is working on a range of projects of different sizes, many of which are bespoke solutions designed specifically to the clients’ specifications. Most of these projects range from 4.000 to 6.000 sqm in size; for example, the team is currently working on an ongoing construction site in Beirut - the “Retro67” for Masharii, a visionary developer. Active across Vienna, Salzburg, Graz, Kapfenberg and Voitsberg, the firm’s superior quality and dedicated team has led it to gain international recognition, with competition pieces being noted as far afield as Cyprus. As part of its focus on creating unique projects that enhance the surrounding area, the firm undertakes a vast amount of research, seeking to ensure that it offers clients a solution that meets their needs and those of the landscape into which the structure will reside. The team believe that over the coming years two opposite developments will become crucial for the future: making the city grow but keeping it on a human scale and improving the transportation system, and secondly re-using the rural sites. More and more people want to be away from the city and others are coming to the city so there is quite a dichotomy that the team has never experienced before. Therefore, to ensure it remains at the forefront of this revolution in architecture, looking ahead AVA has ambitious plans to expand, both in Austria and globally, with the inclusion of satellite offices set to allow the team to work with an even wider range of clients over the coming years. Larger projects are also the focus, as the team seeks to expand into influencing the culture and identity of the cities and towns it works in. These ambitious plans will offer the firm many exciting opportunities to further enhance its already impressive success. Urbanism & Design Studio of the Year 2018 – Austria & Best Contemporary Residential & Commercial Design Project: Retro67, Beirut, Lebanon Andrea Vattovani Architecture (AVA) is an award-winning studio specialized in architecture, urbanism, design as well as research. We profile the practice to learn more and explore how it has come to win this prestigious award. H AR180140 Company: Andrea Vattovani Architecture ZT GmbH Address: Färbergasse 6, 8010 Graz, Austria Phone: 0043 0316 902926 Website: www.andreavattovani.com

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