2018 Architecture Awards

Build 2018 Architecture Awards 120 riginally created as a collaboration between architects Xin Dogterom and Jason Holland, STUDIO DOHO has flourished under Shanghai’s progressive, future-centric design ambition. Embracing the marriage of Shanghai’s past with its future – a celebration of function and form as one cohesive whole – the studio has forged an utterly unique sense of style that truly befits the city it works within. They lead with an ergonomic flair, with clean lines that showcase a value for functionality without losing that essential bombastic punch of impact. More than that, STUDIO DOHO has mastered the ability to tread new ground in areas of design that seem, by all regards, well explored. Where there are minimalist or traditional flourishes, they partner it with a contemporary burst of colour, utilising modern techniques to create new visions that would almost seem out of place in any other city. In this, Shanghai has offered STUDIO DOHO a perfect playground and testing arena, allowing them to design urban areas that are both restrained and yet, paradoxically, bursting with life. Here they experiment with punk vibes, carrying the illusion of carelessness, when in reality, every line, every piece and every fabric has been specifically chosen, fit for purpose. Colour, equally, is used to evoke a specific narrative, with the overall design acting as a storytelling device, acting to frame the space within a set theme. A healthy eatery becomes an advocate for sustainability, and a lively hub for like-minded individuals to gather and socialise. A natural side product of working in a bustling landscape, STUDIO DOHO’s talent can be found in small spaces, and under tight budgets and timelines. They are able to put a lot into very little, seeing opportunity Best Emerging Boutique Architecture & Design Studio 2018 – China & Best Restaurant Interior Design Project: Boteco, Shanghai STUDIO DOHO is a boutique architecture and interior design studio based out of Shanghai, China. In June, the studio was named among the winners of BUILD Magazine’s coveted 2018 Architecture Awards as the Best Emerging Boutique Architecture & Design Studio in China and Best Restaurant Interior Design Project, for their work with Boteco, a Brazilian bar and restaurant in the city. On the back of this success, we profiled the studio to find out how they have thrived in this highly-competitive industry. O AR180127 Company: STUDIO DOHO Address: Chang An Lu 1088, Han Dian Commune, 4F, #406 Jing’an District, Shanghai, China Website: www.studiodoho.com Telephone: 0086 185 1638 5434 where others might see limitation. A small space becomes a snapshot of an idea, and an exercise in efficiency. Saying that, STUDIO DOHO shows true innovation in their high-end, high-budget projects, delighting in the freedom that a large space offers. This is most notable in their commercial work; a blank canvas becomes a taste of Peru, complete with open-air dining terraces, and rich Latin- inspired colour palette. A shopping centre floor becomes a minimalistic experience, with neutral tones and mid-century materials. In the three years since their conception, STUDIO DOHO has grown from co-founders Xin and Jason to a team of six. In many ways, the team’s size belies the scope of their work. Specialising in both architecture and interiors, and with Jason’s background in construction, the studio is able to complete a project from initial design brief to handover, overseeing all elements to ensure the space realises their initial vision. This has, arguably, been one of the driving forces behind their success, differentiating them from a crowded, and competitive industry. Recent years have seen them become a recognised name in the Shanghai interior design sector, with a rapidly growing presence on the global design landscape. In many ways, this recognition is long overdue: after all, BUILD Magazine launched the Architecture Awards to recognise the studios and sole practitioners who are achieving extraordinary success in their fields. STUDIO DOHO are the embodiment of the modern approach to design – adaptable, innovative and meticulous. Regardless of the size of the project, or the limitations, they are sure to deliver a space that exceeds their client’s expectations, and this will remain the firm’s ongoing focus as it looks towards a bright future.

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