2018 Architecture Awards

109 2018 Architecture Awards Build “My mission is to establish a boutique design firm that provides creative ingenious and integrative solutions to clients, Among other things, this entails extensive research, visiting fairs and suppliers from around the world. Additionally, a keen eye for detail and bold use of colours and patterns has really helped me define my work. I like to challenge design rules e.g. I like to use dark colours for a small room, which I think helps in dramatizing the space and deflecting attention from the constricted space. “Whilst I want my projects to reflect individuality, am very aware that it should feel like a home and offer all the comforts of one. My primary focus is to design a layout that utilizes space well, meeting and adapting to the changing needs of the client. I sincerely believe that space planning is the most crucial element in my work because if the layout doesn’t work then no amount of decorations will make it look and feel good. Detailed meetings with clients to understand their needs, how they use spaces every day, forms the basis of my design work.” As she looks to the future Reema is optimistic about the ongoing success of her burgeoning company, as she is proud to conclude. “London continues to be a centre of excellence for high quality and innovative design. There are exciting times ahead and Laroya & Co is looking forward to the many opportunitiies this booming industry will offer us”.

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