Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 9 However, Anthony is also quick to point out that, whilst far from perfect, things are definitely show- ing signs of improvement. “People are coming to realise that, without performance and the ability to handle or control something properly, we are simply wasting our money, and as a result, more attention is now being paid to longevity and to ergonomic principles. “A great recent example would be Burntwood School in Wandsworth, which has recently won the Riba Stirling Prize. From what I’ve seen so far of the school on TV, it’s a huge step in the right direction and we’ll hopefully now see many more major projects that are designed ‘from the inside out’. The school will hopefully point the way for a new generation of buildings and design projects that place greater emphasis, not just on aesthetic merits, but on the ways in which they can actually make a difference. “I hope to see this upward trend continue into the future because it will undoubtedly result in people living more enjoyable, fulfilling lives and with better furniture, un- constrained by back pain. It’s been shown that there is a huge and distressing growth in incidents of back pain due to a number of factors and it is now the biggest cause of adult absenteeism in the work place. You might expect that to be the consequence of heavy lifting or manual work but it is in fact largely as a result of people sitting incorrectly in offices. This needs to be drastically improved. “I would also like to see a big improvement in the understanding of ergonomic princi- ples rather than cost – or cheapness – be- ing the main determinant of how a product looks or functions and I want architects and designers to think first and foremost about what a product will be about, what it should achieve and whether it can be extended or reduced without knocking down, smashing or pulverising. Of course, as a designer, I think elegance is also of great importance and this fine balance must be mastered if the next generation of designers and architects are to produce truly effective and life-changing work.”