Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 60 Jorge Cante, the firm’s Founder, tells us how it feels to win such a prestigious award and gives us an insight into his dedication to his craft. I would like to start by stating that I am very grateful and very honoured to have been awarded. Therefore, the first thing that I have done was to call my clients to share this great news with them and to say to them, thank you, because without them, there would have been no projects with which to win this award. We work on residential and institutional projects and we are also well connected with the contemporary art scene, which allow us to organise contemporary exhibitions in peculiar places. I entered this industry from a background in luxury products which sharpened my sense of items of beauty (Ungaro, Bvlgari, Mugler) as well as an MBA, which gave me the educa- tional grounding to enter the industry. A diploma in “Interior Design” by the London Metropolitan University and several archi- tectural projects at architecture studios in Rome and Geneva served as my launch pad allowing me to set up my own studio: Interior Design Philosophy. Prestigious brands and my own private clien- tele have commissioned me to decorate their universe with my characteristic philosophy: to materialize an emotion that comes from within via a poetical vision of the world. This year my studio celebrates its ten anniversary My work has since been published in numerous magazines and in the prestigious book “International Interior Design Review” by Andrew Martin, over seven consecutive years, from 2009 to this year. Each year, this work brings together a selection of the leading designers and it is considered by the profession as being the international “bible” of interior architecture. While performing each project, our philosophy is to apply a personal formula that combines three sources of inspiration: the client’s per- sonality, the place of the residence and, lastly, its surroundings. By combining these three variables, each “project equation” yields a unique, ultra-personalised and coherent result which gives the client a unique design tailored to them personally. We believe that interior de- sign should be emotional. We design projects that reflect and materialize client’s emotions. Working within an ever evolving industry, it is important to work closely with contemporary artists, as this is a perfect way to have a glance of the future. Artists are always ahead miles away and this is always a great challenge and source of inspiration. It is all a matter of encounters. Recently I meet a Spanish artist, Laura Sebastianes and I was fascinated how she combines tradition and modernity. In addition to this, reading, travelling and visiting design fairs are part of the creative process. Nevertheless, the objective of my day-to-day job is not to follow the trend of interior designer, but, instead, to answer my clients’ needs by materializing their emotions. Residential Interior Designer of the Year 2015 Interior Design Philosophy Company: INTERIOR DESIGN PHILOSOPHY Name: Jorge CANETE Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: Domaine de La Lance, CH-1426 Concise, Switzerland Telephone: 0041 78 710 2534 All of our work is a unique collaboration between a representation of poetry/calligraphy and modern influence which is combined with a representation of our clients’ input to create a bespoke design which will stand the test of time and be truly individual. The region we operate in Switzerland, is in the centre of Europe, which is very convenient to travel. In a very short time you can go to Sevil- la, Rome, Paris or London. This country offers an amazing peaceful atmosphere and this is really a privilege to live here. It also affords me access to culture and art which is vital inspiration for the design work I do. In the future, we will be kept busy: new exciting interior design projects, new collab- orations (we will launch a carpet and a tile collection), a new exhibition (I am preparing with the British artist Philippa Smith one in 2016), as well as a new location for the stu- dio. Our new location is particularly fascinat- ing as it will be based in an old “carthusian monastery” built in the 15th century, but it will be treated with a contemporary twist and an Andalusian blend.