Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 27 Company: ARHI GRUP Name: George Mihalache Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 4, C-tin Disescu street, 3rd fl 011089, 1st district Bucharest, Romania Telephone: 0040724222407 a detail of the coping of the Romanian Athenaeum and some muses “descended” from the ceiling of the music salon of the museum G. Enescu - double tribute to two great local symbols: Romanian Ath- enaeum (50m away from the hotel) and the great composer George Enescu, which gives the name of the street on which the hotel is located. The technical process by which this modern “fresco” it was accomplished is very architectural- ly trendy: we used CNC perforated panels, placed at a certain distance from the facade support, creating the look and feel of depth by alternating light and shade. We believe that this kind of approach, in which the archi- tecture is backed-up by a story behind, makes the future buildings more authentic and innovative, making them aesthetic and ultimately cultural landmarks in the city they will be part of. Romania is a country that has a tremendous potential for development in real estate field. Due to historical circum- stances, our market is young and receptive, making it very attractive for investment in almost all aspects of economy. Of course, the key investors that we rely on, are the ones com- ing from abroad, as Romanians are by large, still end users. Looking to the future, we are looking forward to expanding our design experience, enriching ARHI GRUP’s portfolio of quality projects with future landmarks-buildings, which our clients, us, and the city will be proud of.