Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 2 Welcome to the 2015 Architecture Awards The architecture environment is currently experiencing a period of great change, which is affecting many areas and bringing with it new challenges and opportunities for both established firms and rising names. Despite increasing consumer interest in sustainability and environmentally-friendly designs, various govern- ments, including the UK’s, are reducing the amount of funding and subsidies in this area, leaving the industry in a state of flux as it attempts to balance this increased consumer focus with funding problems. Sustainability is also affecting trends in the sector, with designers increasingly having to balance between style and functionality to accommodate eco-friendly aspects of their client’s project. New technology is also catching up with the industry, with BIM and the regulations surrounding it affecting the architects and the way they work as well as encouraging increased collaboration. Additionally, new design software and rapidly developing connectivity is providing exciting new opportunities for firms operating in the sector. Despite this, a number of innovative and exciting com- panies have managed to survive and thrive through this turmoil and provide their clients with stunning, unique constructions that enhance the environment which they occupy and inspire the people who inhabit it. It is these designers, artists and visionaries who we are celebrating in this award, showcasing their extraordinary talent and dedication to their work which has shaped the spaces in which we live.