Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 103 This internationally renowned architecture studio has a focus on quality, ensuring that every design is innovative and unique. Kathy Basheva explains what drives her and how the studio is developing. I established my award winning London studio in 2013 following a background in environmental studies as well as international experience in the design and architecture environment. Having been established for a relatively short time, we feel we have achieved significant success. With a background in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East in a diverse variety of projects we laid the foundation for a multi-lingual and mul- ti-skilled studio in London. Ensuring client satisfaction has always been paramount in our portfolio and resourc- es. Extensive projects range from urban master planning, regeneration, educational remits, high-end residential and mixed-use refurbishment. We love creating light spaces, with original interpretations of space, use and environment, and three dimensional spatial qualities. We concentrate on solid thought-provoking client briefs. Promoting dialogue and clear thinking, unique detail and open communication where complications and difficulties will be seen as challenges to create solutions, our aim is to confront barriers but not to be restrained by them. Our business involves client participation at all levels, stages and outcomes. Our philosophy revolves around simple, trans- parent and elegant designs. Other factors which we always incorporate into our work are commercial viability, practicality, value and creativity. This dynamic combination of style and functionality proves that our philosophy is unique to us. We serve to compare every project with a number of these corner stones, which offer a solid foundation and ensure client satisfaction. We place a huge importance on originality mixed with intriguing environments, modern features and emerging finishes, materials and resources. Bespoke detail design has its own flair and ongoing challenges. Our practice will mix art, graphic and other creative solutions to support architectural design to answer the clients’ brief. The overall result of this is that we achieve a built environment which is conceptualised, visualised and verbalised by, and for our clients. Our approach to staying ahead of our compet- itors is a simple one: we are passionate about design and architecture. Elegance and time- lessness through refined choice of materials is at the heart of our design. Context of the project is paramount and is part of client’s brief - the response may be complimentary or contrasting. In addition we surround ourselves with the best people in the industry, which enables us to take inspiration from their creativity to in- fuse novelty and originality in to our projects. We understand our market, market trends and create value where none exists, which is what customers look for in an architect. We count ourselves lucky to be based in London, the centre of the country and a developing and growing market which is brimming with international clientele and in- teresting projects. We see a huge opportunity to increase the residential capacity of London. The capital has suffered in the recent years to meet the rising housing demand. We see this as a huge opportunity to get involved with large scale housing projects for private developers meeting the market demand. The key challenge in terms of design is always communication. We use a variety of communication platforms with our clients, contractors and external suppliers as the be- spoke nature of our design services requires a very intensive work relationship with the clients and everyone else who assists us with the project. Best for Bespoke Design Services - London Studio Basheva Company: Studio Basheva Name: Kathy Basheva Email: [email protected] Web Address: Address: 39 Fairfax Road Telephone: 0208 133 7125 We firmly believe that our work impacts on the lives of everyone living in the vicinity of the project, and as such we take our social responsibility very seriously. As well as our innovative architectural work, Studio Basheva supports two charities: Norwood and Women and Manual Trades Charity. We are vocal regarding general gender inequality issues, predominantly in the construction industry. Studio Basheva is looking to design a centre for terminally ill children and support women in the construction industry. The studio has a number of exciting projects coming up, including a refurbishment and re-branding of formal council housing in London and further afield. Longer term we are looking to grow as a business, expanding both our London studio and looking at moving into other, international markets.