Build Architecture Awards

Build Architecture Awards 2015 101 Stuart King Architecture & Design is a full service sustainability and building compliance firm which aims to provide the ultimate in client satisfaction by always being aware of the commercial considerations and op- portunities for any project. Stuart King Architecture & Design are Approved Certifiers of Design, and the firm’s energy services begin at design and specifica- tion review stage, encompassing value-engi- neering. The firm’s services carry through to SAP assessments for domestic properties and SBEMs for non-domestic buildings, plus U-val- ue calculations, condensation risk analysis and Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs). In addition the firm also offer a complete range of on-site testing, including airtightness (building fabric permeability), sound testing (e.g. separating walls, floors, etc.), and me- chanical ventilation commissioning (including intermittent fans, dMEV and MVHR). Through their integration in the design and construction process, the company ensures that their clients, who range from private householder and self-builders to national house-builders and contractors, are best informed so as to achieve Building Standards compliance by the most cost-effective means. Stuart King are committed to delivering best value and providing a professional but personal approach to their clients, and are driven to ensure that their clients receive the very best and most up-to-date industry advice, so that they can make informed decisions regarding compliance, specification and design. In order to achieve this the firm has to stay ahead of an ever evolving industry. The majority of the company’s work relates to construction projects within Scotland, and through the Building Standards regulations, and driven by the recommendations of The Sullivan Report, the Scottish Government is continually working towards ever-lower carbon emissions from buildings, with the eventual goal of “zero-carbon” properties; it is those regulations that drive the firm’s processes so they endeavour to ensure they are always up to date. The firm also share this knowledge through toolbox talks and CPD presentations, includ- ing regular talks for construction and archi- tectural students and their tutors, to ensure that other companies in the industry benefit. Though the firm has an enviable programme of investing in staff training and IT, they are always seeking to improve and also attends a lot of presentations and talks to enable this. The firm’s full service approach differentiates them from their competitors and allows the firm to engage with and best advise their clients throughout the whole design and construction process. Since the firm’s staff all have architectural backgrounds, most having worked with house-builders and developers, they understand the needs and high-pressure demands of the sector, which provides the firm with the ability to provide quick turna- rounds coupled with professional, unbiased, cost-effective advice. Additionally, the firm has many years’ expe- rience providing their clients with guidance for cost-effective compliance with Silver Standards (beyond purely Aspects 1 and 2), so are best-placed to offer advice regarding the upcoming Scottish regulations changes which came into effect in October of this year, and are therefore still relatively new to many in the industry. Recognised Leader in Building Compliance & Sustainability – UK Stuart King Architecture & Design Ltd Company: Stuart King Architecture & Design Email: [email protected] Web Address: Telephone: 01383 435996 Location is important for a firm such as Stuart King, as they have to conduct a lot of on-site testing which requires good transport links. The firm ideally placed in the central belt, and provide coverage for the whole of Scotland, with recent tests including the Western Isles and Orkney, and from their Rosyth base, and the firm also caters for the north of England. Because they provide multi-disciplinary testing and commissioning, the firm can offer lower fees to clients through reduced transport and staff costs. Stuart King’s plans for the medium and long- term are to continue to grow the company at a sustainable rate. They plan to continue to invest in increasing staff numbers and ensuring they are fully trained. This increase in staff numbers will include apprentices and trainees, as both site testers and on the energy and design side. Through improvements in software the firm also hopes to offer more and improved servic- es to their clients.