April 2017

BUILD / April 2017 21 K Company: Aiden T Name: Arjan Nijen Twilhaar Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.aiden-t.com Address: 81 Ubi Avenue 4, #10-19 UB.ONE Singapore 408830 Telephone: +65 6408 9691 Improving Your Lifestyle g why Arjan’s preference is to work on projects in the hospitality and lifestyle sector. We can create an experience that goes hand in hand with the brand philosophy. Last year, Arjan designed a large booth for Nestle for the Food and Hotel FHA 2016 tradeshow – and his aim was to break away from the ‘processed food’ concept, and bring back tradition and heritage. He went against the grain with their booth, creating a rendition of a piazza and heritage home, to emphasise the fresh produce they use and how long they have been in the business. He also wanted to create a ‘life’ setting, so Nestle consumers could relate to their products and services in a setting that could be their own restaurant or café. It was a great success and the Nestle booth was the hang-out place for a lot of visitors. When creating offices, Arjan thinks it is important to bring back a work life balance to the workplace. Areas to mingle in, and to work in alternative ways. “If we see workers as individual islands, you lose creativity and productivity in the end. Our environment has a huge impact on how we function and how we feel.” Arjan thinks it is important that business owners understand this and maximise the potential of each member of their workforce. Well-designed offices with the well-being of the workers in mind shows the employee that you care as an employer instead of just being just a number to shuffle paper and emails. Arjan has great admiration for companies like Google that create vibrant work spaces with personality. Qualities for excellent design and designers Excellent design needs to stand the test of time. Arjan has some designs he did in 2006 and people still refer to those projects for what they want for their new home. Of course, Arjan will interpret the design differently, update it with colour choices etc. but to him that makes for good design.