April 2017

12 BUILD / April 2017 , Nordic Roots Kasper Danielsen, Architect of the Year 2016, talks to us about Danielsen Architecture and its deep-rooted design rationale. Founded in 1987 Danielsen architecture has since distinguished itself as a leading consultant firm with vast skill and experience in functionalist architecture and design. Kasper Danielsen tells us more about the firm and the services and products it provides. “In all of our projects, we emphasize uniting architectural quality and solid artisanship with functionality and consideration for the users of the finished product,” he begins. “Meanwhile, we strive to create cohesion and dynamics between the framework and the processes, so the buildings will correspond to future requirements in flexibility, sustainability, and possibilities for development. The work created by Danielsen is rooted in new Nordic functionalism which subscribes to the idea that architecture is created from the inside out, Kasper explains. “Architecture as an art form must serve a purpose, because without usability, we believe architecture would simply amount to sculpture. With this motto in mind, the overwhelming focus of our work is on the needs of the user. Our method is devoted to meeting unique needs in an innovative and creative way to create value and application for our customers and users. Comprehensive analytical work for each project, along with respectful partnerships and collaborations with contractors, users, and technicians, make up a particular characteristic of the design studio’s approach to creating valuable architecture.” Kasper stresses the importance that all of his client’s needs, wishes and wants are of very high importance and keeping this in mind ensures the best possible outcome every time. “Thorough analysis of needs are an important part of our holistic work process, and through workshops and close cooperation, we strive to meet all expectations. “In all our projects, we focus on combining high architectural quality with the interests of the users, combined with an understanding of the client’s requirements and desires. We strive throughout the process to ensure consistency between the final physical environment and the process that our projects go through, so that all stakeholders feel heard and understood. It is our experience that the best physical framework is based on a successful process. “We approach our tasks systematic and solution-oriented, seeking to develop a close, - and dialogue-oriented cooperation with the client organization, the authorities and end users. “In our perspective, a high architectural, - and technical quality is a necessity, when we combine traditional counselling with more direct results-oriented advice.” Working directly with the group of Directors and their architectural teams, Danielsen Architecture is involved in the design and supervision of each project from the initial concept stage, through planning, construction and completion. “As previously stated, our work is based upon a solid foundation of a Nordic functionalistic design excellence, competent budget and programme control, proficient project management and the achievement of best value and architectural quality.” Within the wider industry, Kasper has distributed his knowledge and experience with two publications on the company. He has also just launched a new website, giving him a presence on all the main social media channels. Kasper regularly attends conferences, networking groups and lectures. Danielsen Architecture has a wide range of important and successful projects to date, however Kasper tells us in-depth about one particularly memorable project, Turbinehuset. “This project (Turbinehuset) is a great example of how we have managed to integrate façade design, choice of materials, interior design, function, and construction process in a loyal and successful way,” he says. “The building is an innovative and sustainable office community in the heart of Copenhagen, and the external appearance takes up architectural themes found in the surrounding area. The modern concept of the façade sets up a new dialogue between this variety of striking old buildings. Thus, Turbinehuset accentuate the industrial past whilst reinstating and improving the business community of today. The building programme consists of offices, commercial areas at the ground floor, carpark and a restaurant that at day time work as a cantina, which have been arranged according to a fairly simple layout.” The building manifests Danielsen Architecture’s belief that architecture is an experience. “Architecture is a form of art, perhaps the oldest and grandest of all art forms, that requires a care for curiosity, contemplation, searching and poetry – and which should always tell stories. But architecture is only unique as an art form if it serves a purpose and eventually fulfils it. If architecture lacks applicability – it is nothing but a sculpture. Therefore, our architecture is the aesthetic and functional catalyst in its context. Architecture is not necessarily buildings, gardens and urban planning, but also a tool that works on a physical, theoretical and philosophical level, like manifested in Turbinehuset.” 1702BU02

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