BUILD Q1 2018 Bridger Steel Issue

Build Q1 2018 6 In 1996, Bridger Steel opened its doors in Bozeman, Mon- tana when owner Dennis Johnson, realized homeowners and contractors needed better access to high quality metal panels in the American West. Through hard work, ingenuity and a distaste for the word “No”, Dennis helped customers find new uses for metal in agricultural, residential, and commercial markets and pushed for new styles, better paint systems, and higher quality materials. For the last 20 years, Bridger Steel has helped create strong and durable projects that look beautiful and stand up to the elements. Starting off this interview, Steve begins by explaining the approach Bridg- er Steel takes when undertaking a new client, and also highlights what sets the company apart from its competitors. “Here at Bridger Steel, our focus is always on providing solutions for a customer’s vision. We listen, adapt and create to fit this vision, rather than forcing it to fit within a standard format. “By using the highest quality materials, innovative designs and equipment, Bridger Steel provides unique products and services to our customers around the world. We combine these innovative products with exceptional customer service and professionalism. Through close domestic partnerships with like-minded suppliers, we are able to service our customer at a level unmatched in our industry.” Moving the discussion onto the topic of success, Steve is keen to reveal some of the company’s most exciting projects they’ve encountered over the years, as well as how Bridger Steel creative innovative solutions to maintain such accomplishments. “Over the years we have worked with some of the best architects and builders from across the country on very exciting project. Each project brings its own challenge, but Bridger Steel prides ourselves on listening to our clients to help them create their vision. “One project that stands out was a truly unique roof design that featured a ¾ ” conical roof. Our team had to custom make 26 standing seam panels to create the conical shape of the roof. The process of, laying out the roof, designing the panels, and custom manufacturing taught us a valuable lesson in thinking outside the box. More importantly we learned we can work with unique designs to get the customer exactly what they want. “Your customer is going to be the best source for new innovations. Our products are driven by their technical challenges, and creative ideas. Also, our job is to match new solutions to these challenges by working alongside like-minded mills, vendors and suppliers that can help us meet our goals.” It is no secret that behind every successful company, is devoted team of innovative individuals, whose tireless efforts help to grow a business. At Bridger Steel, Steve praises the passionate team that are the backbone of the company. “We have a strong core value that we instil and expect from our employ- ees. Also, we have a wonderful HR division that provides a great service to our employees and company. Lastly, we provide strong employment packages including health, dental, vision, 401K and disability insurance to help our employees a strong and healthy quality of life. Bringing the interview to a close, Steve notes the changes within the in- dustry, reflecting on the challenges that have strengthened the company. “With the growing interest in environmentally conscious building practices, the metal industry in the United States is constantly evolving. Traditionally the industry has relied on the same basic products for the past few decades and has been slow to change. We have established ourselves within this expanding market by embracing change and new means of working with our clients.” Looking ahead, we ask Steve to give us his verdict of what the future has in store for both the industry and Bridger Steel. “There will be a continuous change in how we need to adjust to how our customers wish to deal with us as an industry. Providing information will be key and also the best possible service. Business will continue to become more and more Web based. This is how people find the information they are looking for and in this industry, we are behind understanding this. Currently, we are working on several fronts to bring this level of informa- tion and ability to our customers in our own markets, which we will be rolling out over the next year.” Building Success Bridger Steel opened its doors in Bozeman, Montana in 1996 when owner, Dennis Johnson, realized homeowners and contractors needed better access to high quality metal panels in the American West. Recently, we spoke to Steve Collins who went into detail about the company, revealing the secrets behind its success. V