BUILD Q1 2018 Bridger Steel Issue

Build Q1 2018 18 stablished in 1978, New Britain Roofing will be celebrating its 40th year conducting business next year. The firm is a family oriented company that puts an emphasis on investing in the personal growth of its employees; believing very strongly that the employees of this company are its most important resource. The company’s extremely low turnover rate speaks for itself- when a person works for New Britain Roofing, they are a part of the family. Always looking to improve, Travis summarizes the company’s mission and what it is looking to achieve. “Providing only the best service, we are a family oriented business that sets the bar for superior craftsmanship, safe working environments, and complete customer satisfaction. We constantly strive to improve and grow, and always provide an unparalleled experience to those we serve.” Jeff clarifies what he believes makes the company so successful, emphasising the firm’s organization as a main attribute, meaning it meets deadlines and exceeds expectations on a regular basis. “Here at New Britain Roofing, we take pride in our ability to complete difficult projects and meet tight deadlines. We are a commercial roofing contractor that offers a variety of roofing systems including but not limited to EPDM, TPO, asphalt shingles, slate shingles, standing-seam metal panels, modified bitumen systems, built up roof systems, several types of roof coatings, and many accessories. Also, we have a sheet metal fabrication shop that features a computerized bender and hydraulic shear which allows us to custom fabricate trim metals for each unique project we undertake.” Placing their staff at the forefront of their priorities, New Britain Roofing operate with strict and simple management guidelines to ensure that em- ployees are looked after. Jeff alludes to the five values of the firm which are embedded into the company culture, with staff being able to develop themselves personally and professionally. “Throughout the company, our management guidelines are very simple and straight forward; we practice and teach what we refer to as the ‘Five Non-negotiables of Leadership’. With a strong management structure, people must first be able lead themselves well, and must know their people, you must love your people, you must add value to your people, and then you must cast your vision. “Essentially, we believe that if staff are not moving forward then they are moving backward. We have a comprehensive safety program in place, with a designated safety inspector who visits all projects weekly to ensure company safety requirements are strictly adhered to. Our main priorities are to keep our employees safe, our clients safe, and their property protected.” Approaching new projects means getting to know new clients, and trying to understand exactly what each individual client wants. Possessing a wealth of experience, the team has adopted many new technologies and Jeff discusses the process which New Britain embraces when venturing into new and exciting areas of the roofing industry. “When undertaking new clients and projects, we are always sure to listen to our clients and gain a firm understanding of their unique priorities and needs. New Britain is a relationship based company; we understand the importance of establishing relationships with our clients in order to better meet their needs. We have done extensive work in many secure facilities around New York including multiple prisons and psychiatric facilities, and because of this we believe it is absolutely critical to have the capacity to adapt specifically to the needs each new project presents.” Discussing New Britain’s most recent projects, Travis Redner presents the Cayuga Correctional Facility, which he describes as the most suc- cessful project of 2017. Not only was the finished product beautiful and brimming with excellence, the care and organization that went into the project led to proven customer satisfaction. “Cayuga Correctional Facility has been our most successful project this year. We installed 360,000 square feet of standing seam metal roofing panels and 150,000 square feet of metal wall panels and soffits in this medium security prison 2.5 years ahead of schedule. An extreme amount of care and organization is required when conducting work in- side a prison, however, we were able to do this by strategically managing labor and materials and by working closely with the Correctional Facility to accommodate all of the obvious security concerns presented while performing work in a prison. We left behind a beautiful product and an extremely happy client. This was truly a win-win.” It is these types of successful projects and results which led to New Brit- ain Roofing being selected as the Roofing Firm of the Year for New York. Jeff mentions what it feels like to have been featured and what it means for the firm going forwards. “Firstly, we are very humbled and thankful to have been chosen as the Roofing Firm of the Year for New York State. We know that what we’ve Unmatched Commercial Roofing Services New Britain Roofing Co, Inc has provided quality roofing installations and repair work for all of its customers in the Northeast for just under 40 years. We spoke to Jeff and Travis Redner as we look to gain an insight into what makes the company so successful. E