BUILD Q1 2018 Bridger Steel Issue

Build Q1 2018 12 stablished in 1985, Vectorworks provides powerful tools that enable designers to build data-rich, visual models without sacrificing their creative design process, while still collaborat- ing efficiently throughout the project life-cycle. The company operates and supports clients in an assortment of industries, including architecture, landscape architecture, landscape design, urban planning, garden design, set production, lighting design, lighting previsualization and more. Its products include Vectorworks Architect, Landmark, Spot- light, Designer and Fundamentals, as well as Vision and its load-analysis add-on module, Braceworks. The CEO tells us about the changes that the company has seen since it was established within the industry. “Originally, we developed a 3D design tool known as MiniCAD, the precursor to the Vectorworks line of products,” said Vectorworks CEO Dr. Biplab Sarkar. “With the growing need for BIM, we have prided ourselves as one of the industry’s top BIM software programs that is built around an architect’s design process. Vectorworks software’s design-oriented BIM capabilities allow users to conceptualize ideas, as well as edit and analyze a project, while simultaneously generating drawings and sched- ules and refining construction details. Through all of these changes, we have stayed true to one fundamental mission: serving the needs of our customers through regular communication and innovation. Our flexibility through all these changes is also a metaphor for how our software works.” As with most companies, Vectorworks is always looking to improve its services, and Sarkar outlines the corporation’s overall aims, as well as listing what strategies the company employs in order to set and reach these targets. “Like most software companies, or businesses for that matter, our overall aim is to increase revenue,” said Sarkar. “More revenue allows us to invest more in R&D for future innovation. From a global perspective, we closely evaluate what we need to ensure we have better products, services, customer support and so on. We emphasize a collaborative environment at work that is also flexible and welcoming of all ideas.” Operating within the design software industry, it is essential that Vector- works stands out as the go-to option for its clients. Intricate details help differentiate it from other similar companies, as well as the fact that it was one of the first to implement a particular type of modelling programme. Vectorworks was one of the first developers to offer a 2D/3D model- ling program that allowed users to attach data to objects and include non-graphic information to 2D and 3D objects. Vectorworks software was originally developed for Mac operating systems, which is where the intuitive interface stems from. Vectorworks was also one of the first developers to offer a solution for both Mac and Windows. From a cost standpoint, Vectorworks is competitively priced for all that the company offers. In addition to superior 2D/3D modelling tools that have continued to evolve year after year, Vectorworks offers the ability to design and document in the same workflow, while having the luxury of interoperability between other products. Its industry-leading and built-in rendering functionality in all software products reinforces this point. “Most importantly, we believe that software should not inhibit creativity or force a particular workflow,” explains Sarkar. “People choose Vector- works software because it supports the creative process by offering flexibility to achieve a certain outcome. As a result, we have become an internationally respected leader in both design and BIM technologies over the years.” Sarkar also noted how the company guarantees it is able to be innova- tive in the solutions it creates and the design software it produces. This is important as it helps Vectorworks to maintain its success. “Crucial to our success, we are always pushing the boundaries of what our design software can accomplish,” explains Sarkar. “To this end, we have innovation events where people get together to actively pursue new ideas and unexpected solutions. Two-way communication between Vectorworks staff and users also helps with innovation. We have an ac- tive community forum where our beta testers review early versions of our software and users offer helpful feedback. Furthermore, we offer a spe- cific place on our forum for users to share thoughts for Wish List items. Lastly, we offer training to employees to foster innovations, collaborative work, independent thinking and presentation skills.” Commenting on what the future holds for Vectorworks, Sarkar signs off by stating that the company will continue in its mission to create innova- tive solutions for the company and its clients. “Ultimately, a key part of our success moving forward is that we are al- ways working toward innovative solutions for our company,” said Sarkar. “Our aspiration is that we are the go-to solution for designing anything.” Looking to Transform the World Vectorworks, Inc. develops a line of design and BIM software solutions for both Mac and Windows that allows professionals to produce 3D models and generate 2D drawings for a variety of industries. The CEO at Vectorworks provided us with an in-depth overview of the company and the services that contribute to its success. E