2023 Architecture Award Packages

Packages Packages About Us Introduction www.build-review.com BUILD Magazine is proud to announce the Architecture Awards are returning! Now in its fifth year, the Architecture Awards 2023 is the place to showcase the best of the best in this industry. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, the Architecture Awards 2023 proudly showcases the firms who excel in their fields. From residential architecture, healthcare architects and interior design, BUILD Magazine can proudly say it examines every aspect of the Architecture Industry. Identical to other awards programmes within the BUILD portfolio, we reward the large and small firms on the same criteria. Our impartial in-house research team analyses each firm involved in this awards programme on their contributions and successes. We simply want to highlight those who go beyond the expectations and create something legendary. The Foundation Package 695 GBP • Full page article • Bespoke trophy • Personalised digital logo Shipping included 33 Q4 2022 BUILD Best Civil & Mechanical Engineering Contractor 2022 – Malaysia As the world continues to turn, there is an ever-growing need for civil engineering projects on both a macro and micro level. From architectural finishes and the creation of pipes and ducts to something as small-scale as steel containers for food and catering, there is an ever-growing demand for an extensive list of needs. Fortunately, for Malaysia and much of the Asiatic Region, Pelangi Teliti (M) Sdn Bhd is more than capable of providing solutions. elangi Teliti (M) Sdn Bhd is a contracting firm that specialises in conducting civil, mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation works for a wide range of processing plants in the food, palm oil, chemical, and manufacturing industries. Founded in 1991 by Managing Director, Mr Yap Hin Lan, Pelangi Teliti turned his decades of experience in constructing edible oil refineries in the southern regions of Malaysia into over 20 years of success as a business. Today, the company has extended its services into processing plants, consumer and food product plants, and oleo-chemical plants. It continues to spread into other industries with no sign of stopping. It offers total solutions to its customers and undertakes design engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning works where necessary. Pelangi Teliti takes full ownership of the projects under its purview and ensures that nothing is left out or left over. Pelangi Teliti’s services and products are extensive in their utility and scale, taking advantage of the unique materials of the country whilst also providing for multiple scenarios. In the last decade, its expertise in specialised plant building works extended to further development in the fabrication of mild steel and food-grade stainless steel storage tanks and accessories. For example, within its civil and architectural works, it oversees a piling and plant building operation, tank and equipment foundation works, and building architectural finishes. It also maintains structural and mechanical fabrication works where it builds structural steel works as well as food-grade standard stainless-steel tanks and assorted components. Pelangi Teliti also operates the manufacture of stainless-steel ducting, as well as mild steel and stainless-steel storage tanks. Beyond this, it also offers girt blasting and epoxy coating works, structural steel works, as well as a service for cold and hot insulation for piping works and vessels, and the provision of mild steel tanks and vessels. P Aug22642 It delivers products to stringent requirements and specifications of multiple markets, and its work is well accepted and recognised by end users across the Asian Region. Having consistently provided customer service with great satisfaction, it has established a glowing reputation for its commitment to excellence and accountability. Pelangi Teliti’s ability to provide such a comprehensive range of products and services – whilst also ensuring that every element of that massive portfolio is developed and maintained at a premier degree of quality – is why the company was the only choice for this award. Malaysia’s Best Civil & Mechanical Engineering Contractor for 2022 is a company with various responsibilities and a vast, ever-growing portfolio that stands out amongst its contemporaries and will continue to excel and distinguish itself in the future. Contact: Andrew Woon Company: PELANGI TELITI (M) SDN BHD Web Address: http://www.pelangiteliti.com/