Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022

BUILD Recycling & Waste Management Awards 2022 4 Oct22523 iving in an ever increasingly digital world, many people are finding they no longer have a use for their CDs, vinyl, or DVDs. Streaming services allow access to movies, TV shows, and music, so they don’t see the point in continuing to store their CDs, vinyl, and DVDs. Compact discs no longer have any value which makes them not worth selling, so what else are you to do with them? Recycle them, of course. Why should compact discs be recycled? Well, they are harmful to the environment. By melting CDs, poisonous chemicals can be released into water supplies, threatening human life. Also it’s another thing added to the landfill pile, which pollutes the ground and soil and intoxicates the air. The longer a CD remains on the land, the more carcinogenic materials such as styrene and benzene are released. Moreover, CDs comprise valuable materials such as metals, polycarbonate, gold, aluminium, and more which can be extracted and reused to create new products. Mediarecycling is on a mission to put a stop to such damage to the environment and human life. It is a company that destroys CDs, vinyl, and DVDs for global companies across Spain, Germany, the UK, Belgium, and the Netherlands, including Cinram, Warner Music Group, Warner Bros, Universal, and Arvato Logistique Services. It carries its work out to the highest standards, grinding 650,000 CDs, vinyl, and DVDs per day, which makes that 9.5 million units per month. Afterwards, the ground plastic can be reused to create products such as flowerpots, trays, and clothes hangers, which means zero waste. Not only does the company ensure there is no waste, but its process is 100% wind energy certified, meaning it works double One of the leading and most specialised media recycling companies in Europe, Mediarecycling BV has so far spent 16 years destroying 160 million CDs, vinyl, and DVDs to keep them from ending up on landfill. In light of the company’s extraordinary success within the Recycling and Waste Management Awards 2022, we take a closer look at how its striving to save the planet with each CD, vinyl, and DVD it destroys. L to reduce CO2 emissions. This makes it is the greenest solution for the issue that is CD, vinyl, and DVD waste. Mediarecycling also works with a large well-known transport company that collects CDs, vinyl, and DVDs that are no longer wanted throughout Europe. It then receives confirmation on the items received with details including weight, volume, date, and location. Transport is then secured from door to door in a sealed transport container. Next, the items are kept in a secured storage area with a certified collector. The whole process of destroying the items is monitored by four security cameras, and clients are able to access the footage, too, with login codes provided on request. Ultimately, it’s easy to see what makes Mediarecycling the ‘Best Overstock Disc & Vinyl Recycling Company’ in Northern Europe, with its dedication towards preserving the environment through significantly reducing the number of CDs, vinyl, and DVDs that end up in landfill. The company is showing no signs of stopping, either, as it continues to show the rest of the world the positive impact recycling has and how it is done. Company: Mediarecycling BV Contact: Joop de Bie Email: [email protected] Website: Best Overstock Disc & Vinyl Recycling Company - Northern Europe